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    Soulstone Macro

    Does anybody have a Soulstone macro that isn't necessarily a mouseover macro? Basically looking for it to rez the closest dead person without it being name specific?

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    Try this, I have no idea if it works but it should. You might have to press it more than once.

    #showtooltip Soulstone
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /targetraid [nodead]
    /cast [dead,raid]Soulstone
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    Since when did a soulstone B res a dead player....

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    Yeah, basically our raid is used to Druids brezzing instantly while a lock brez takes 3 seconds, not counting time to mouseover and or target the dead player so trying to find a more consistent/quicker route of SS'ing somebody.

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    grid + clique and klick on the dead sucker? :P
    i just klick on my raid frame and then alt + 2 (there is my soulstone) if thats not fast enought then he can ............ .... ..... if you die you did someting wrong in the first place.

    in a lot of boss fights we put ss at the beginning of the fight on some people that are most likely to die or are important (first boss in hof on the tank for example) and let the druids/dk's rezz all the others

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    In 10mans, this should also work:
    /use [help,dead]Soulstone
    /stopmacro [help,dead]
    /tar raid1
    /tar [nodead]raid2
    /tar [nodead]raid3
    /tar [nodead]raid4
    /tar [nodead]raid5
    /tar [nodead]raid6
    /tar [nodead]raid7
    /tar [nodead]raid8
    /tar [nodead]raid9
    /use [help,dead]Soulstone
    1) Use soulstone on current target if dead friendly.
    2) Go through raid1-9 (10 can be skipped, as you yourself should always be the highest raid index IIRC) if the previously targeted raid member is not dead.
    3) Cast Soulstone on the current target if it's dead and friendly.
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