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    Question Will you level your Warlock first in Draenor? Which specialization?

    Will you level your Warlock first in Draenor?

    If yes is your answer, which specialization? If no, still which specialization when you do level one?

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    The Patient Friendlyimmolation's Avatar
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    My Orc warlock for sure, it will be cool to meet up with Gul'dan. I'm just waiting to see how Demonology turns out, because it has been my favorite spec, but I had left it for Destruction's higher damage.

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    Probably Demo since it still has instants for mass tagging mobs and great Aoe burst to then melt them....

    but... Ember tap is so damn good for lvling tooo..

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    Do you guys play mostly for PvE or PvP?

    I'm pure PvE player but I am considering to becoming a Warlock for Draenor experience even tho I like healing.

    Warlock just seem to be a special class, even tho I just reached level 90.

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    I've traditionally always leveled as demonology, but I'm not super fond of the meta mechanic, especially when leveling - so went affliction for MOP.

    Probably going to do the same thing in WOD (as much as I detest what they're doing to affliction) since destro doesn't even feel like an option for leveling with it's limited movement capabilities and my demo gripes still remain - the one thing I don't hate about WOD affliction is it's dots actually seem to be doing damage.

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    Was going to level aff since I love dotting everything in sight up and watching it decay, not so sure after soul swap nerf. Destro doesn't feel great for questing w/o Fel Flame either. Probably demo or aff.

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    Demonology without a question, can't wait to get back into that spec

    It is better to have raided and wiped, then to never have raided at all.

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    I will always be destruction. Maybe I'll switch to demo to do some quests or stuff, but mostly destro.

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    I wait till 6.0 comes near, but it will be either Demo, Destro or Feral.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Griffon View Post
    Will you level your Warlock first in Draenor?

    If yes is your answer, which specialization? If no, still which specialization when you do level one?
    You ask, if we will level a lock first, but we can't answer no, in any way...

    My lock will be 2nd or 3rd, and most likely in Demo spec...

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    The Patient
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    Demo. Near to 100% meta uptime.

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    Old God Nerraw's Avatar
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    Demonology for sure. It seems to be the most intact spec so far, and I've enjoyed it a lot recently.

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    Scarab Lord ViridianWRA's Avatar
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    Will not level my Warlock first, will level her as Demonology.

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    Currently playing a lock on the Beta and it is still cool. Couldnt copy over my own char so had to make a premade 1 with 500ilvl but there still fun.
    Will be leveling al Destro cuz it has better sustain in the start then affli (build up time for agony). But when i am 100 I am gonna try out affli/destro for dungeons/raids.

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    I miss the old Siphon Life specs back from Wrath just run around CoA, Corruption, SL on everything could pull as much as you wanted was so fast to level like that. If i do level my lock in WoD most likely Demo now i guess :/

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    Currently in Beta for leveling Destro is way better then the other specs. It feels as if Demo and Aff are very unfinished right now. Maybe demon would be nice if the specs are balanced a bit better.

    btw this is with pre-made chars as EU players can't copy over their own chars.
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    My warlock is my 1st Alt so after my shammy i will surely level him next. Not sure on the spec though but i'm going to go with Demonology considering its my favorite!

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    Orc Destruction Warlock, I think. It's Orc right now, but I might change it to Undead when the new models are on live. Haven't decided yet.

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    im cool pls respodn

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    My warlock has come in 2nd place for years , as he is the herbalism/tailoring alt.
    Druid since Feb. 06

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