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    5.3 trinket question for demo !

    Hi guys,

    I have Wushulay normal, the shado pan trink and LFR UVOL ( all 2/2 Upgraded )
    Which of these 2 should i use together.

    and guys Should i go for the 4set bonus i just won the chest off of twin consorts and it seems that people are saying that our 4 set bonus is a dps loss ??

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    4 set is only dps loss when you can go with 2 set + 3 offsets that's HC TF

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bobthemongol View Post
    4 set is only dps loss when you can go with 2 set + 3 offsets that's HC TF
    so it is still a buff for me who has only full normal gear ?

    and which trinkets should i use

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    I would say go with Wusholay and UVLS and get that 4 set. If you are raiding normal, I wouldn't worry too much about the damage increase/decrease from having 4 set or 3 thunder-forged off pieces.

    It seems we are getting a lot of 'squeeze every bit of dps we can get' in fights where it's not really needed and perfecting play style results in a lot more DPS ;/
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    Only go with UVLS if you know how to use itZ. It will be a dps loss if you blindly ignore the proc.

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