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    More character Bank Slots or plz upgrade Void Storage.

    I'm suffocating!!!

    This is my only problem with MoP, but it's a major one, it makes questing n replacing gear a huge problem..


    Yes, I have gotten ridd of needless crap n things I can't replace.

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    Funny thing. Because I was bored in cata, I spent time doing old dungeons and raids to get cool old transmog gear to keep in store whenever I felt like a gear change.

    So well blizzard gave us void storage and more space, they also gave us a reason to quickly fill up that extra space with things we like instead of just thinking of them as outdated gear.

    Its a catch 22, We got more space, but the space we got is now filled and we're back to square one again from the other feature they gavve us with void storage.

    If they would just give us another bank tab on void storage it would work so well, because all the gear we're to get in pandaria, we're be having to throw away more gear to keep it.

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    I hope they will give us the opportunity to buy extra banktabs for our personal banks and maybe increase the slots for bags per tab.
    That doesn't seem like a difficult thing to bring ingame, does it?

    Since transmog came into play, all players just need tons of extra storage.

    Or give players an own house, there we can store our stuff. We are gathering more and more, I really think it is time to think about housing.
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    I'd really like some more space as well. I have 1 void storage spot left. -.-
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    Hmmm... housing is probably more complicated

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nerraw View Post
    I'd really like some more space as well. I have 1 void storage spot left. -.-
    I have a bag slot left.. xD

    They said do transog.
    it will be fun they said..
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    Quote Originally Posted by Summerdrake View Post
    Hmmm... housing is probably more complicated
    Well if we can have a farm........?????
    Hopefully the same technology can be used to provide housing?

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    I don't care if they add more slots that we have to pay lots of gold to buy them, just add more slots please! We need them badly!

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    I've had the exact same problem for a while now. I found for me the biggest reason for having no bag space is armor sets (tier/pvp). That's why I suggested an armor set tab on the official forums.

    Just having all my tier sets removed from my bags and stored like pets and mounts are will save me a lot of space.

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    I wasn't doing too bad before MoP, by bank was mostly full but I had just enough room to get my banks empty if I needed to.
    My problem now is that a lot of the MoP quests have rewards quirky vanity items with unique effects, I don't want to get rid of any so now my bank and bags are pretty much at capacity.

    It's looking like I'm going to have to get rid of my replaceable tabards to make space there (tabard tab please) and use up some of my consumable vanity items to only keep the permanent ones.

    I could possibly gain a bit of space scrapping old trinkets, I don't know why but trinkets are the one thing I tend to keep around.

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    Three things Blizzard *must* do:

    1. Allow us to buy VS tabs
    2. Allow us to buy more Bank tabs
    3. Create a new inventory section for quest items only (most other MMOs and RPGs already have this)

    My bank is full of transmog stuff/MoP mats, my VS is also full of transmog stuff. I have 5 open slots and those slots are reserved for Holy Paladin gear once they fall into my hands.

    I have 11 characters, or I'd make a bank alt.

    If a video game developer removed tumors from players, they'd whine about nerfing their loss in weight and access to radiation powers.

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    Running into this problem myself. It wouldn't be so bad if a lot of transmog items I got were easy to regain, but a lot of them are not. Why can't they just make it so we learn item looks and put them in some type of barbershop style interface when we transmog? Sure would make life easier. My void storage is filled to the top.

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    Ahh, the joy of re-rolling to the brand new class. A brand new bank, lovely and empty.

    Though when I start getting raid gear I'm sure that won't last... :P

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    I agree so much I got rid of needless crap, and still need bank slots. With all my xmog gear and stuff I need, idk what I'ma do with new gear i want for xmog or stuff i really need. I cleared all my junk and have like 3 slots in my bank and 1 in void storage I hope blizz gives us more bag and bank slots.

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    Mote of Harmony doesn't go into all profession bags..

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    Yeah, it was pretty annoying to have to trash all those cute little 'use' items they gave us in Pandaria because I just don't have space for them :/

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    I'd really like to see a few things.

    An inventory for only quest items as those things can take up a huge amount of space at times.
    A tab for heirlooms that you've purchased, similar to the pets and mounts so that it could be truly account wide.
    Be able to upgrade our backpack. Seriously, this one is a must, I've got full 24 slot bags, that thing is only 16 slots.
    A bigger bank or more bank tabs. They have not upgraded this, ever, since the game has released.

    Something nice to have but not at all really necessary would be to have your gold be server wide across all characters on that server on that faction. That'd be handy since sometimes I'm mailing around 50k for one reason or another and it's annoying to have to log out, get on the character with gold, send it on its way, log back in.

    These tables bar our way.. ┬──┬ ┬──┬

    But the will of a templar is stronger! ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

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    I don't understand why vanity items with effects need to exist. Those effects are just spells. Give us a new SPELLBOOK (err, well, tab I guess). Name it "vanity." And when the item drops, instead of casting the spell off the item, we learn the effect and it goes to our vanity spell book.

    Would be a great place for the wind up train wrecker or the mana bomb or romantic picnic basket. Can't fit everything in there...but it'd be a start.

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    What I've been having to do for space is take all my none soulbound items, like mats, boe and such, and I've been 'storing' them in a temp slot, basicly using the mailing system to post to an alt, then get my alt to return mail, and then leave that in the mailbox for any other time. I've got like 7 mail slots for herbs and 4 for ores, plus extra things.

    What I don't get is, if they can make it so you can store items in the mailbox for so many days until it returns, why then can't they find the extra space for more bank space?

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