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    There is no battle between WoW and other games, many have quit WoW since it's no longer fun and other MMO's have filled that gap. Wildstar will surely grab many WoW players attention.

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    This question is misphrased. Defeat implies that wow will some day be so dominated by another game that Blizzard will be forced to take it down because it doesn't generate enough money to be worth continuing to support. The idea that one single game will accomplish this is unlikely because it would have to be a game so similar to wow that it attracts the same people, but at the same time so much better that more than 75% of the players wish to make the switch. Last I saw an update, wow was at something between 9-10 million subs. If you assume 9, losing 75% still leaves wow with 2.25 million subs. That's over $400million in revenue a year. You tihnk they cancel it even then? Doubtful. No single game will come along and force wow out of the market.

    A better question: Will any game ever dethrone wow? Will some game come along and exceed wow's subscriptions? The answer, inevitably, is yes.

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    There already is one. It's called World of Warcraft. It's pretty good /jk
    WoW (or Blizzard) is the only thing that can kill WoW. It's been around for too long now to just fall out of balance b/c of 1 new game.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    There is no battle between WoW and other games, many have quit WoW since it's no longer fun and other MMO's have filled that gap. Wildstar will surely grab many WoW players attention.
    Never even heard of Wildstar.

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    I suspect mariobross online could be a serious threath to wow.

    The only thing that can kill wow, is time. But Wow, as far as (non free) mmorpg goes is probably going to set a record in term of longevity that is going to be very hard to beat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Snore View Post
    Never even heard of Wildstar.
    It's not even in Beta yet.

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    I used to thinks so, but now I do not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tipzett View Post
    well that sucks, but if they continue like they do now, they will kill it in a year or so..

    But there is peeps like me that wants a MMORPG thats Balanced and still fun on many ways, GW2 had the chance, but they failed..
    They didn't have a chance, rofl.. you fanboys just made others not even want to try it.

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    We're opening this thread back up, but please keep the game vs. game stuff out of the conversation.

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    Why does there need to be one? This isn't a sports competition.

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    "Defeat", How do you defeat a game other than by playing it? lol Do we get an MMORPG to play an MMORPG? The World... of World of Warcraft?

    What a stupid nonsensical question. Games are released as a form of independent media like, a film, or a movie.

    Do we say "Will there ever be a film that defeats Titanic?"

    No. Why do some people do it with games?
    Quote Originally Posted by Lugo Moll View Post
    Consider this philosophical question: If Blizz fails, but noone is there to see it. Will there still be QQ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    There is no battle between WoW and other games, many have quit WoW since it's no longer fun TO THEM and other MMO's have filled that gap. Wildstar will surely grab many WoW players attention but one has to consider what was being said about GW2 on that matter.

    And as for the topic at hand, I think it's either a personal question, or one based upon WoW's longevity and popularity.

    Personal opinion: No. I have never tried to find a replacement since I love WoW with all my heart, but NONE of the other mmorpgs have even come close to WoW's feel and gameplay and unique world. Whenever I try another game, I miss the toon control of WoW, the unique art style, the feel of "history" within the game, all the features except for the daze effect...I just love it and I'm not alone, no matter how many quit because they get bored or emo about it, there will always be a couple millions as dedicated as me.

    Based upon longevity: Time will tell, but I doubt it. It's closing in on 9 years and they have 2 more expansions AT LEAST planned. They've really stepped it up when it comes to delivering content, and they are putting so much effort into it that I'm in awe. I was sure the faster content would mean less or worse, but especially 5.2 has me so entertained that I feel that 5.3 might be coming too fast <.<.
    Why people want Classic back; In Classic, you'd be considered "hardcore" and "winning" at the game simply by reaching max level and having a few epics. You could be struggling to handle 2-ability bosses, yet still see kills.
    To "be" something today, you need to meet requirements in knowledge, performance and even timelines, facing other players of equal skill or tackling bosses tuned for the 1% of the 1% to tackle whilst fresh.

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    Honestly, if games like EverQuest and Anarchy Online are still going strong with respectable-sized playerbases, WoW will probably last another 5-6 years with a sub easily. I'd say most WoW players now are not like the MMO players of old, where we would try every new MMO that came out to see how we liked it. Most WoW players play WoW because they have no interest in other MMOs; they play because that's where their time is invested, that's where their friends are playing, that's where they're comfortable, and that's where they're likely to stay.

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    No there will never be a game that defeats/kills WoW. I do hope that someday some Mmo(non f2p) beats the 12 million mark tho.

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    Metzen said that WoW is just beginning so I don't know what delusions you have about it dying in an year. I doubt it will go down any time soon as new players join all the time while others leave, with the latter being older, thus lowering the average age of players playing the game.

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    wow wont die or be defeated anytime soon =P dont worry

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    I love both WoW and TOR. TOR had a MASSIVE stumble a month out of the gate, but WoW wasn't so hot at launch either. I love them both because
    WoW: My Fantasy MMO
    TOR: My Sci-Fi MMO

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toffie View Post
    It's not even in Beta yet.
    Sounds about the right time to start saying it's going to kill WoW!

    WoW will go on for a long time, sure other good MMOs will come. But I mean I watch football, and basketball. Why can't two MMOs exist? WoW will get killed, but I think it will be Blizzard years from now. With a new MMO, or whatever. It certainly won't be because of another MMO for a long time.

    Again though, why can't two games of the same genre co-exist? League of Legends is really successful, Dota 2 is starting to become very big itself. They co-exist and the world didn't implode.

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    I really wouldn't be surprised if WoW is still up a decade from now. There are just way too many players for that game to ever go away.
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    There will be eventualy, but likely not in the comming years.

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