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    Couple questions about /ignore

    If you ignore somebody, does it automatically ignore all of their characters or just that one? Also, if you ignore a player on the PTR, will their toon on live be ignored as well?

    I know these may sound like dumb questions, but I haven't played in years and things change so I'm not really sure.

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    you to have /ignore each toon from that person and trust me i have /ignored guildies. not sure about the ptr sorry.
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    Even if you /ignore someone they can still see what you say even though you cannot see what they say in any chat.
    Because of this I choose not to ignore someone, as there is no real point if they can still see what you are saying.

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    Sadly you can't ignore anything but individual players, there's no account wide ignore, though there should be. I don't play on the PTR, but I would assume that PTR and Live have nothing to do with eachother in that regard.
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    There's no data transfer between PTR and Live, so no, ignoring someone on the PTR will do nothing on live.
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