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    Got 5 in my raid tonight bringing my total to 11/12. Guess ill be waiting till next week to get the final one an a cape. GL to others.

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    Fuck you, Iron Qon, Twin Consorts, Dark Animus and Durumu for not cooperating.

    Special thanks to Primordius and Twin Consorts.

    Guildie beat me to the first cloak in the guild by one week -_-
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    0 0 0 0 0 0 0 1 2 1

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    Finally finished mine tonight, by getting 3 stones this week. Whew.
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    Update: 11 weeks...8 runestones, awesome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laplacedemon View Post
    I... I think I hate you even if it's not your fault... I have been on this quest more than double of that and I'm still at 8.

    What's your secret? Gnome sacrifices? Because I'd probably do it at this point.
    I might got luck in complete runestones in 5 weeks, but i am still using Relic of Chiji as a trinket, 11 Horridon kills, coined all of them, no Horridon´s Last Grasp. I did the Relic of Chiji in the first DMF of the expansion, and still using it. 10 man raid, of course. RNG is a bitch.

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    RNG smiled upon me, got a Runestone off Primordius and Iron Qon, then my final one off Lei Shen, worst part of the series of Legendary quests by far

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    im glad having to do this on my monk again that ra-den is a guarenteed drop too . so far week 2 of secrets 6-5 hopefully can finish in 2 weeks then even if I have aweful luck its only 6 weeks since 2-2-2-2-2-2 but hopefully i can finish it in 4 weeks instead of 6 cause id hate to go into 5.4 without it.
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    Finally got number 11 and 12 this week. Maybe i'm the lucky one in total it took 5 weeks to get 12 stones. 2 1 3 4 2.

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    .... I 'unno.
    Started last week, 2/12 so far. That being said I haven't done LFR this week, so looking at 3/4 by weeks end.

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    9 stones in 9 weeks. first couple of weeks I got some weeks with 0. Then some weeks with 2, but on average 1 a week. Shittest quest so far in the chain. I don't mind it taking longer than previous quests, but the huge difference between the lucky people and the unlucky is just a kick in the teeth.

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    3 today from LFR. All 3 last bosses too. Felt amazing.
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    was 10/12 last week. Did the rf as soon the server was up. I mean i just needed a stone from one of the 5 bosses right? nothing! 11/12 and see you next week

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    6/1/2 If I'm unlucky it will be only 3 more weeks.

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    This week is 10th week I'm on quest. 11/12 atm, so will finally finish the cloak once I get home and do LFR :P
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    after getting 3/3 on Pinnacle of Storms last week, I went 1/6 in LFR this week. Thanks...

    Now 10/12. Crossing my fingers for next week.

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    3 this week. I hoped for 4 :P.
    Now i'm 11/12
    Fun fact is that this reset and the last one gave me 3 stones each.

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    8/12 with 2 bosses to go this week. I'm not holding my breath on it being less than 4 weeks of grinding. =)

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    i was only 3 left for my cloak this week run lfr last 6 bosses and only lei shen drops i was hoping to get the cloak this week i guess thats not gonna happen

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    I got 2 from 4 bosses. This is only my first week

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