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    Can we get bans/infractions for Misinformation hate threads.

    Can we make a new rule that constructive criticism is allowed, yet if people post threads full of misinformation which is nothing more than a reason for them to blindly hate and get other haters to join in for no actual good reason they get an infraction? I am getting sick and tired of seeing multiple threads with people spewing out absolutely wrong facts or completely taking things out of context just to get people angry and get their general Blizzard hate in daily.

    It also makes constructive critical posts seem worse and anytime you actually point out where they are wrong you just get blasted with "Fanboi!/BLIZZARD APOLOGIST!, etc." It is starting to make this community one of the most toxic I've ever seen in regards to Video game forums.

    So can we just ban all these people that specifically just come to this site to hate and whinge for no good or actual logical reasons so that we can actually get back to a point where MMO-Champion was a site where we could discuss things in a civil manner instead of having to wade through multiple Hate/Misinformed threads daily to get any actual good threads or having people come into a discussion thread with backward information starting flamebait?

    It seems I see more people get banned because they are telling people to stop being idiots than I do see people get banned for being actual idiots.
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    Our job here as moderators is allow people to have discussion. Our job is not to fact-check people and censor wrong information. Aside from the fact that sometimes what is true is unknown or controversial, moderators are fallible people just like anyone else and we don't always know ourselves.

    If there is misinformation on the board, that is the users' job to debate it. If someone posts bad information, nothing is stopping other posters from pointing out it is wrong, providing correct information, and supporting their position.

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    It seems I see more people get banned because they are telling people to stop being idiots than I do see people get banned for being actual idiots.
    Might be true and maybe it's unfortunate, but those people need to learn to have self control. Calling people "idiots" is not appropriate, and it's blatantly against the rules.

    If someone is intentionally posting wrong information maliciously to mislead people, that is another issue and people are welcome to report it.
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