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    Why do you wait until entering a dungeon to get ready?

    Changing spec (this is the big one), putting on music, taking a dump. People just love to postone doing this shit until the'yre inside the instance and the rest of the group is ready to get going. You have a solid 30 seconds between the queue popping and expiring.

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    I'm a healer. I enter the dungeon with insta-queue.

    And besides that, maybe getting some more coffee or tea or something.

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    Can't change spec while in combat, flying, riding a taxi, in a vehicle, going through a loading screen, etc. It doesn't take enough time to matter anyway.

    Not really any excuse for the other stuff though.

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    Can't say iv'e ran into this, if I have I sure as heck don't remember, most of the time people are pretty good.

    Edit: maybe changing spec, but really that takes a few seconds...

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    When my time in queue gets close to my wait time I do what I need to do so I'll be ready for when the queue pops. But remember, not everyone is just sitting in a major city waiting for the queue. I'm usually questing or doing something to kill time while I wait for my queues

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    Because people are likely to be in a situation where they are able to enter but will need a short moment to get ready.
    And I'm certain pretty much every single player has at some point been the guy who needs a moment before getting ready to go.

    Well of course, since this is a forum I'll only hear from people who have somehow NEVER had anything pop up at a bad time.
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    I usually respec when I get into the instance. If you can't wait 5 seconds while I respec you're free to leave.

    I don't really see why this matters, even if one person goes AFK for 2 minutes you can still start clearing trash, even if the tank or healer left, you don't need a tank or healer in 5mans anymore because every class has so much self healing and aside from bosses DPS classes can tank just fine.

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    As a healer, I occasionally have to wait, and so I'll be killing stuff. I could TRY to heal as ret, but changing specs saves a lot of stress.

    When the queue pops I'm often in combat. Additionally It's rarely thirty seconds, it's generally like five between popping and entering.
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    because people forget? lol. whenever I'm on my dps in queue I'm usually watching a tv show. Maybe I just had a big glass of water and I happen to have to pee as I get a queue pop. I mean if you're a tank and it happens, or even a healer, that's kind of silly. Sometimes you're out doing dailies as a healer, though, and you're in a dps spec.

    it's not like people do it just to make other people mad o.O

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    to annoy you

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    Does it really fucking matter? The 5 seconds it takes for me to change spec, depending on if I got healer or dps roles?

    Look at it this way, queue pops I go take a piss, then you'll still have to wait for me before you can get going. It's way more reasonable to accept the que, then quickly go a relive yourself. Atleast then people get ported you can start pulling so you don't lose out of prescious seconds of your day.

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    Spec changing is whatever. Most folks quest in DPS spec even if they queue as tank or heals. And it takes 10 seconds.

    The other stuff is a little more annoying, but honestly, with the queue system the way it is I can understand it. You're sitting in a 35 minute DPS queue and about 30 minutes in, you need to pee. So what do you do - miss your queue to pee and have to waste another 35 minutes of your time, or wait for the queue, and go afk for a minute during the first trash pull?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblecrush View Post
    Changing spec (this is the big one), putting on music, taking a dump. People just love to postone doing this shit until the'yre inside the instance and the rest of the group is ready to get going. You have a solid 30 seconds between the queue popping and expiring.
    Well to be honest, you are never quite sure how long the dungeon queue will take. Sure they usually give you a 10 mins or 20 mins estimate or whatever random time but even that is a rough indicator. So you may actually be in a middle of something.

    Numerous times while waiting in a 33 min queue as a DPS I've had a dungeon pop up in 10 mins.

    I don't know if its just me but often times when in such long queues, when I happen to leave my desk I'll have the dungeon pop up and get a notice that I missed it on returning. So I prefer accepting the queue first before getting to something else.

    Unless you are a tank I would give the player the benefit of the doubt cause pretty much at all times tanks have instant queues.

    However, changing specs is often happens to classes that can either tank or heal. Its cause most likely they were probably questing before accepting the queue. Or someone in a spec trying to quest as well but queued as a DPS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblecrush View Post
    Changing spec (this is the big one), putting on music, taking a dump. People just love to postone doing this shit until the'yre inside the instance and the rest of the group is ready to get going. You have a solid 30 seconds between the queue popping and expiring.
    Because I do questing/dailies as ret and dungeons as holy and there is not always a suitable spot to respec in the world.

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    I tend to be ready before I enter, before I even que most of the time but I don't have any issue for those who don't.
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    It's not really a big deal. Changing spec takes 10 seconds tops and sometimes people just need to do something. But since I play a tank and I can do a few trash packs even without a healer my view may not be representative of others.

    I can see why the tank going AFK for a minute as soon as the dungeon starts can be annoying for example.

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    ive been guilty of this a few times. 97% of the time I would say I am ready and rolling asap the tank is ready.

    Sometimes however on my alt I have been nuking as say ret, and need to swap to healer but couldn't as I was in combat on q pop

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rumblecrush View Post
    taking a dump.
    I can't believe no one has mentioned the fact yet that it is (for dps) better to hold it in and not miss the queue pop then risk missing it and waiting another forever.

    I would like them to implement a feature where if you miss the pop for w/e reason (grandma's on fire, person at door, big poop) you have another 5 minute timer where you can hit "I am back from pooping" and get back at the top of the list. Since that is unlikely to happy, I apologize for holding it in when I get close to entering.

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    As a tank, my queues are instant, so I'm pretty much ready to go before I zone in. I can see the case for dps, where they might be questing or doing whatever else in a non-dungeon spec.

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    On the opposite side of this I dislike it when I queue in as a healer and the group is fighting stuff all over. It happens all the time to me. If I am in dps spec because I was questing while waiting for queue I get all kinds of killed. I've also had people pull a boss as soon as I zone in, then die because I zoned in at entrance to dungeon instead of at the boss with them.

    It baffles me that people cba to look where an incoming pt member is at.

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