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    Riot GDC Presentation: Reducing Toxic Player Behavior

    I really do like this idea;

    I have a point of view I would like to add. can't be just because a another player does not like someone; what should be concentrated is the content in what was said.

    Reform or Remove Toxic Players

    Case2 this guy should be removed from wow for a three month period to warn and a one chance. to think about how he treats others. this has affected my decision because of the trash that exists in the collective human conscious multiplied by thousands. a factor in my decision to not subscribe. just a lot of trash. if you guys can get a program that measures positive and negative add' accumulative. (this is borderline censoring free speech but hate speech is not protected under first amendment in the united states.) it is important to me for maintaining a healthy environment from my point of contact with others. to keep the game attracted to older players and new players.

    for you server guys and spy guru's give me a break. that rogue class breaks the player that plays it down more than any other if you can see. it's not excuse but a valid point.

    this is a good direction and i want to stress that what is typed in the context of written speech not just how a bunch of people think not to well about someone otherwise. buff rogue' to answer the call of removing players by simply making them quit because they hate rogues so much

    i do respect others and i cannot respect those that say negative comments like that. iv'e already passed through the eye of the needle. i'd very much like to see a atmosphere of respect by using the computer to fight this negativeness; a problem solved only today but can change in the future.. great idea for your product which should be looked at closely to where only positive and truthful things should be free to say.
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