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  • Good story

    72 72.00%
  • Fun combat

    73 73.00%
  • Great graphics

    11 11.00%
  • Customization

    34 34.00%
  • Tactics

    18 18.00%
  • Choices

    31 31.00%
  • Replayability

    37 37.00%
  • Music

    13 13.00%
  • Sandbox world

    11 11.00%
  • Other

    11 11.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    What THREE aspects are most important to you in a game?

    Curious to see the poll.
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    From those choices, definitely story, combat (gameplay) and replayability.

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    What kind of game are we talking about? What I value out of a fighter would be different than an RTS, which would be different from an RPG and an action game and so on.

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    Varies much by genre but 3 most important (in general) for me are:
    - Gameplay
    - Lore
    - Community

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    Good story, music and level of immersion as the third option. I tend to lean towards story driven RPG games a lot as far as single player goes so those 3 would probably be the best options.

    For online games its gameplay, tactics and third would have to be graphics.

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    if the story is good enough, I can struggle through poor gameplay to experience it. if the story is too dull then the gameplay would have to be really, really fun to keep my interest for more than a few minutes. but the two combined is an easy win

    replay value is a bonus but a very valuable one, especially with how short some games are. if you only get a few hours out of a game it can often feel something of a rip-off, but if the game can be enjoyed over and over again then you really feel you get your moneys worth. choices with consequences tend to be the best way to get replay value, take Dragon Age: Origins for example there's several key story decisions and countless minor decisions which all have some effect upon the game
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    Gameplay then story, then replay-ability. If the game isn't fun, then it just isn't worth much. I can tolerate lesser gameplay, but that's only if the story is outstanding. Replay-ability would be nice, but I can deal with it not being great assuming the gameplay/story were good (although, if the story and gameplay are good, I'd probably replay it even if there isn't much added benefit from doing so).

    Customization is great, but ultimately not necessary for many non-rpg games. Tactics/choices are a part of some good types of gameplay, depending on game genre. Music would be nice, but you can get by with not so quality music (comparing SNES games sound and current music tracks, both have their merits despite quality differences). Same thing with music goes for Graphics, can have poor graphics and still be an outstanding game, WoW is proof enough, considering their restrictions and comparing to other higher graphic games on the market. Ultimately for both music and graphics, style trumps life-like "quality". Sandbox world only really works well within certain game genres.
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    1. Mechanical complexity
    2. Depth of play
    3. Effective execution of game mechanics and design

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    Why isn't "interface" or "controls" part of the above choices? A game may have great story, characters and graphics, etc, but if it's unplayable, then it wouldn't mean jack to me.

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    Combat system, good story and replayability from the list. But, to summarize, I would say that the most important part for me is gameplay since it's what I am going to experience for 80%-90% of the length of the game. If combat system is terrible (oh yes, Skyrim, oh yes), if controls are unresponsive (GTA series), then no amount of story or lore or achievements or anything can save such a game for me. I have played a lot of games with great gameplay but no story/lore whatsoever (for example, Supaplex), but I absolutely couldn't get into Fallout and Elder Scrolls series because of horrible combat system and messed interface.

    The second important part for me is difficulty. A game should pose at least some challenge. Not like WoW leveling, where you kill everything by 1 shot and do not take any damage. Not like Kingdoms of Amalur which even with YSA mod (doubling enemy's damage and halfling your damage) becomes ridiculously easy by the end. Not like SWTOR where you fight fat guys for ages that do not deal any significant damage to you but have a ton of HP. KotoR is pretty much the only terribly easy game I keep replaying over and over due to amazing story.

    Finally, a game should have some diversity. If it is RPG, it should have different classes, viable builds, many items, preferably the ability to choose your responses in conversations, to do quests in different ways, to be able to roleplay, at least, the traditional good/neutral/evil character. If it is RTS, different strategies should be viable, there should not be one unit that is better than any other unit, preferably different races, some strategical depth, etc. I don't play any genres beside RPG and RTS generally, but when I do play FPS sometimes, again, I play only games in which you have a lot of variety in how you play: not like MW where you just go on rails through absolutely linear content and kill everything with 1/2 guns simultaneously, but like Jedi Academy where you can kill enemies with lightsaber, with Force Grip, with Force Lightning, with Force Push, with Force Pull, with Force Drain, with different weapons, and all these styles of play are viable. Finally, for puzzle games, puzzles should be really different from each other and hard to solve (Supaplex, Gobliiins and Incredible Machine series are my favorites).

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    Gameplay, Sound, and Story. the only 3 things that really matter in any modern game
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    Replayability because I need something to do or I get bored of the game to fast. I also like a good story to a point. Something like knights and paladins get my attention and helps motivate me to enjoy my class. Also fun combat with a good interface and system. It's especially true with new games as a horrible interface drives me away as I get annoyed if the interface sucks or if there is too much waiting(loading).

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    weird. I found the elderscrolls series to have rather decent combat. Skyrim not as much as you couldn't mess around with spells or acrobatics as much, but still decent from a stealth approach. Needed mods on pc to get to a more interesting level though. But imo gameplay and mechanics first, followed by a good world (sandbox if possible) and customization. Combat is really lumped into mechanics, really, as I'd rather have more beyond combat to deal with like diplomacy/stealth or other out of combat activities present

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    Story, Gameplay, longevity (games that dont last atleast a day (8-10hours) leave me wanting.)

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    customization, good story and choices
    also a good clean, bug free game is a must...

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    1. Fun Combat
    2. Followed closely by good story. With these two covered I will enjoy the game well enough.
    3. Optional content in the form of sidequests/mini-games. This is quite important to me as well, since I play mainly JRPGs, can substitute for combat not being really fun.

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    These three by far:

    Atmosphere (ties in with music, graphics, art, sounds)

    A deep, intriguing story

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    I went:

    1) Good story - for me this is essential, I can play a game I otherwise don't really like purely for a good story, and conversely struggle to enjoy games no matter how fun unless the story is at least a little interesting.

    2) Fun combat - maybe "combat" is not the right word, but let's say fun gameplay.

    3) Other - I felt all the other options were a bit too restrictive or only applied to certain kinds of games. I actually enjoy variety and like to play different kinds of games, I don't need customisability or sandbox or choices in all games. I'm reserving this "other" for "something special, which may depend on the game". This could even be something like graphics, I mean the artwork in some games is a large part of their appeal. But whatever it is, it's unique to the game experience.

    P.S. I actually feel like replayability is no longer a factor for me, it's nice to have but I have so many games to play these days I don't really have time to replay most of them.
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    -Combat, it has to be fun and deep enough but not tedious or hectic. I like steep learning curves and complexity but I don't like button mashing or unnecessary number of buttons.

    -Customization, very important to me. I love games where I can make choices about everything including how my character(s) look. The more the better, very very few games get it right.

    -Sandbox. I want to finish a good game and still have plenty to do. Games like BL2 where they make you play through the same exact game on 5 different difficulties is not what I am looking for. Skyrim is more like it.

    I'll also add that it is important to me that a game supports a viable mage playstyle. Sounds weirds but pretty much every other game, both old and new, fails at making casters or magic combat in general viable. The examples are too many to list really. I hate it so much when I play a game I really like only to find out I'd be gimping myself by being a pure mage in the endgame.

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    -Good Story
    -Fun Combat

    A good story is everything to me in a game. I don't see the point of playing just for the sake of playing. I want to feel attached to the characters and locations and be affected by the game. I think of it like watching a movie. Mindless killing and action sequences can be entertaining for a bit, but it's a good story that drives the whole thing in the end.

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