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    I don't like it because it feels sloppy, it is very limited, and it makes me phase way too much, it gets really annoying.

    Plus, it makes your server choice obsolete. I wanted to play on a horde-dominated server, and it cata that is just what I got... but in MoP all the sudden there are alliance all over durotar ganking people.

    And as if the community wasn't bad enough, CRZ came in and executed whatever community was still left.

    ALSO- I play on a "full" server, so why the hell am I being paired with over 5 goddamn servers?!

    And don't even try to pull the "just play a single player game" card because i'm pretty sure WoW was still an MMO Vanilla-Cata
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    I like it. It makes the world alive and active.

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    CRZ is good for low pop realms but keep that crap away from the high pop ones. They don't need any more people or competition. High pop should all be phased on their own realms and not let any outsiders in. Prime example is sholazar basin. That zone should be phased for each realm, not a FFA for the whole battlegroup.

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    Quote Originally Posted by docterfreeze View Post
    and it makes me phase way too much, it gets really annoying.
    This is a good point. Phasing works very effectively when you don't actually see it happening. When there are a lot of people involved, it just turns into a mess that looks like bad game design, or some network limitation.
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    I don't see it much because my main toons are on VentureCompany.
    When I switch over to Aerie Peak, I see a LOT of CRZ. For the most part, I enjoy it. I like seeing people out in the world and I like having to compete for things (kills, nodes, etc). I haven't had any horrendous experiences with it yet.
    I'd say that I've been inconvenienced a few times, as I got so used to leveling toons and seeing rares out all of the time because VenCo has no CRZ due to the RP aspect (which is stupid to me, honestly, because it also has very little RP). But *shrug*. It's an inconvenience not getting 3k at lvl 15 for a kill, not such a bad experience that I want to quit.
    Overall, I've enjoyed CRZ for what it's for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metallikiddd View Post
    CRZ is good for low pop realms but keep that crap away from the high pop ones. They don't need any more people or competition. High pop should all be phased on their own realms and not let any outsiders in. Prime example is sholazar basin. That zone should be phased for each realm, not a FFA for the whole battlegroup.
    Even high-pop realms can have no one in Desolace.

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    CRZ is the best feature in WoW.

    Too bad they diditn make it in MOP. Would instant re-sub.

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    I don't mind it being there tbh as i have had little to no contact with other people from different realms while out and about on my characters.

    The only time i remember actually helping someone via CRZ was in Nagrand at the Ring of Blood. Poor nelf rogue was trying to solo it and having no luck, so i tanked and DPS'd them for him as a WW monk lol. Got a thank you from him too, which is rare these days when you help people out.

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    It was sort of a test to see how people would react to server merging. As you can see, not so well by some people who enjoy being on their own and probably go live in a cave when a new expansion is released for a couple of weeks.

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    I'm on a low pop server. I like it that way, it allowed me to farm mats, kill rares, do quests without competition, etc. The downsides are that there aren't many strong guilds and our Auction Houses are empty-- horde in particular is bleak, with under 1500 active auctions, so everything is very expensive compared to higher pop servers.

    CRZ kills all the positives of being on a low pop server but doesn't fix any of the negatives. That's why I hate it.

    Server merges would also kill the positives but would fix the negatives.

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    I would like it better, if they could CRZ players of the same level... as it is now leveling any kind of profession is hell when leveling. Oh look a node, just as you get there some 90 flies down and grabs it. I am level 31 now and I have 4 mining skill because I only ever found 3 copper nodes that I was able to grab before someone with a flying mount, and by that time I was outleveling the zones I was in so I guess I need to go back once I can fly to level it.

    Also I don't think I have seen more than 2-3 people at my own level, most are high levels doing achievements/farming or ganking.

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    It's nice to see other guys while leveling an alt. But at most times I barely see any difference in population.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Henkdejager View Post
    Good Thing : While i was leveling my monk , i saw ALOT of players , alot of pvp happend and it felt nice! I can zoom in my friends from another realm to raid with me.

    Bad things: TLPD / Aeonaxx are UN GET ABLE! Really i mean , i am from sylvanas EU ( Wich is an high pop realm.) I am merged with shattered hand , ravencrest , stormscale wich are as far as i know also one of the highest busy realms ever! YES RARES SHOULD BE RARE! But TLPD is already RARE! So why make it even more?
    Ganking on a pvp server , i got ganked on my lvl 67 monk in netherstorm caus 3 90s thought it was fun , from another realm...

    Thats my own experience.
    Ask a friend to make a toon on a low pop CRZ cluster and invite you, problem?
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    haven't experienced it much.. but i noticed that when i went out into the world to quest.... all of the mobs i needed were always extinct from everyone else. so i went back to levelling through just dungeons

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    I dont like it cause its SHIT and loveless implemented.
    Zoning with your friend on a mount and your friend gets thrown
    no xrealm ah...
    no xrealm guilds...
    no xrealm trade....

    if u wanna xrealm do it right ffs and not that shitty way that its now....

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    Positive = I can play with my RL friends and do some old raid etc

    Negative, Alll the gank fest, so I turned this shit into my favor and be a part of the problem and not the solution and gank low level at dark portal, Hyjall, Hellfire.
    If I get camped, I just log off and play on another toon

    I don't care about CRZ since I only do things in Pandaria

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    I like it. There are allot more people in the world.
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    I like it overall, cause it means more players are out in the world to kill. But, I still think server mergers would have been a better route to take.

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    Most times I don't even realize that it's kicked in, because the sight of another player in an MMO shouldn't be a shocking and novel thing.

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    The only positive thing I have seen from CRZ is being able to do the seasonal world events beyond the first 2 days. I dislike CRZ so much I thought about rerolling on the 2 servres that don't have it, the 2 pvprp servers, sadly their population is next to nothing and I am not going to restart or xfr to a dead/dying server.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iseeyou View Post
    CRZ is the best feature in WoW.

    Too bad they diditn make it in MOP. Would instant re-sub.
    I play on a very low pop server, even with that the zones on Pandaria are still loaded up with people months in to the expansion. If you or others play on servers where that isn't the case then I feel for you.
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