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    Quote Originally Posted by celinamuna View Post
    Because there's basically no lore specific flying mount for a lot of races.
    Draenei would be Nether Ray.
    Dwarves and Gnomes have various aircraft.
    Dwarves have the gryphons as well. And the Stromcrest Eagles.


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    I would love both a ground and a flying race. I already once opted for a race in AQ40. I would be epic to do a race there. Especially on those scarab mounts, who dismount you if you take damage = more exciting race. Also no speedbuffs should be enabled/available unless like with any kartgame, some shoes would appear and make you go faster.

    Same with flying mounts basically but then around Uldum or something in the clouds.

    And who cares if there are race-specific mounts. Just hop onto your own mount tbh.

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    If my dreani can fly in a space ship, then I am ok with this.

    P.s. I don't mean no shitty rocket I mean a slick looking 4 person mount that can do the
    "kessel run in 12 parsecs"


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    Draenei racial Flying Mount should obviously be the Exodar.

    Besides, I thought everyone was flying dragons these days?

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    Oh great now this pretty nice idea gets turned to what mount what race should have. Seriously guys who cares?

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    I'd love mount races. They could do something similar to the cloud race you do as a quest for the Order of the Cloud Serpent, just cooler. Ground races could also be a ton of fun if designed properly - with proper race tracks, obstacles, temporary buffs etc, just like a BG or scenario. You could earn a racing prize currency over time and turn it in for extra cool mounts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaelorian View Post
    Oh great now this pretty nice idea gets turned to what mount what race should have. Seriously guys who cares?
    This was never about racing on flying mounts to begin with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Kyurem View Post
    Worgen should get Flying Wild.
    That made me giggle.
    Add a scorpion tail in the mix and they would become a Chimaera in no time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Black Kyurem View Post
    Worgen should get Flying Wild.
    Oh hell yez.
    Quote Originally Posted by Belize View Post
    My neighbor put his wife down for finding out she was playing video games. Just took her out in the backyard, and that was that.
    Quote Originally Posted by SodiumChloride View Post
    one of the problems with WoW NPCs is that they spout honorifics like "champion" and "hero" so much, at the drop of a hat, that it feels more like flattery than a show of respect; Such titles should come not necessarily from difficult content but "effort" - i.e. earned.

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    Quote Originally Posted by celinamuna View Post

    Nothing for :

    Humans: They can ride the light.
    Worgens: Do what they did with the horsey mount and give them a boring armourless Gryphon (omg so inventive)
    Draenei: Mini exodars.
    Undead: Undead something. Undead bats?
    Taurens: Attach wings to a kodo and hope for the best
    Goblins: Something like an engi helicopter or they can jut have a cannon that fires them a great distance.

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    Why is everybody feeling that dwarfs should have gryphons for racial flying?

    1. It's only the wildhammer clan who rides gryphons.
    2. There is a landing strip on top of Ironforge. This indicates they would use gyrochopters and flying machines as well.

    Undead on vampiric bats? Why not Flying Mashines?
    Undead pilot for Hemet Nessingwary.
    Quote Originally Posted by vep View Post
    Are you really looking for logic in a game that sends you dragons via the mail service?...

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