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    Field Marshal EuBayonetta91's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    eu server give bat nau!!!

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    Stood in the Fire DistortionSleep's Avatar
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    Oct 2009
    Hi friends, US

  3. #1963
    Sweet mount! Want one!

    EU Server.

  4. #1964
    I think i found the perfect mount for my death knight.
    Damn that thing is awesome!

    Playing on EU-server

  5. #1965
    mount, yes pls

  6. #1966
    EU server.
    Amazing and beautiful mount, would love to have it

  7. #1967


    May I please have one Mr. Chaud!?

  8. #1968
    In for the mount!

    I play on a US server, thanks.

  9. #1969
    Whoo! Looks neat! XD I'm on US Server.

  10. #1970
    Nice gothic mount. US server.

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    I am Murloc! Ryngo Blackratchet's Avatar
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    May 2010
    Danger Zone

    Was really hoping this would have something to do with the questline we're doing now. Trolls and what not. Oh well.

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    That looks awesome!!! US server here.

  13. #1973
    i want the mount please i am on EU!!

  14. #1974
    I want one! US server.

  15. #1975
    Me!! US servers!!

  16. #1976
    US server #1 Panda!
    "Dear your holiness, your army is safe and sound, they're down here dying for you."
    Bayside is a cult.

  17. #1977
    EU - Would love a chance

  18. #1978
    I want that one! Would swap from my Frost Wyrm for a while.. Awesome! Eu serv, lemme win!

  19. #1979
    Nanananananananana bat mount.


  20. #1980
    awesome mount, eu servers

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