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    Why is it allways that lil clique of wow celebs that allways is making vids about wow blowing?
    Because they have a fan base that asks them "why don't you play WoW anymore?" and they feel obligated to answer. I don't think they're doing it out of spite.

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    I know exactly what he's talking about with LFG. Two main changes in Cataclysm (and one just prior to) made it less fun, I guarantee you that this is 100% the reason why LFG kinda sucks now:

    1. Changing from emblems/badges to points. The Justice/Valor point system is just not as rewarding. Maybe it could be if the amount you received for killing a boss and completing an instance were increased, and/or costs for items were decreased. The way it is now, it just doesn't feel like each boss kill, or instance run, gets you that much closer to a new item as it used to. Attaching Justice/Valor gear progression to an array of factions was a mistake, too.

    2. This one kinda ties in with the first point, there are not enough dungeons to run in Normal mode. I don't know what they were thinking with MoP (Cata was only slightly better), making all but four instances Heroic-only. If you're a casual player and you hit level 90, but don't have the gear level to go straight to Heroics, what do you do? Scenarios? Nowhere near as fun or rewarding as 5-mans. Hitting level cap is so jarring now, and has been since Cataclysm. All of the 5-mans at launch should have been tuned for Normal modes while levelling through Pandaria, and we should have received 1-3 more with 5.2 and 5.4. Scenarios should never have been seen as replacement content, but supplementary content.

    3. This one came prior to Cataclysm, but I think it was a mistake: Removing dungeon dailies. I spotted the two FoS achievements I have the other day, "Timear Foresees" and whatever the other one was, for completing all the Dalaran daily dungeon quests. It was fun, unpredictable and so much more rewarding than the daily bonus for the LFG system.

    Edit: Just as a final point, I'd like to add that I also think that doing away with tabards was a huge mistake. Blizzard and some players disagree on this, but I think it was a much better way of gaining rep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Stormcall View Post
    The lack of flying from 85-90 in MoP gave me a feeling of irritation, annoyance, and tedium(artificially slowing the leveling process by adding more travel time), not a feeling of exploration. And it didn't capture my imagination, it pissed me off. I explored a LOT more once I hit 90 and was able to fly.
    Everyone has opinions. I can go either way with flying now that we have it, but admit that playing games without it makes it feel more 'large' some times.

    What no flying while leveling does, regardless of opinions is this:

    1) Makes the world dangerous again. You have to pay attention to your surroundings, watch where you are going. This is a large part of what makes it adventurous whether you recognize it or not.

    2) Forces you to learn the land. You use your map more, look at your surroundings more, become familiar with the zones more. This is what exploration is. It doesn't matter whether you enjoy it, that's what it is about.

    3) On PvP servers (which I don't like) it makes other players dangerous again, which makes the world more alive.

    4) Makes people going for server firsts for leveling and professions on a more even ground.

    There are more intricate ways of explaining it, but it's a good thing they don't allow flying off the bat. I personally think I enjoy the game with flying as an addition, but really want a more increased speed at this point on the ground and in the air.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ronduwil View Post
    You're disregarding the fact that those dailies also award charms and VP. Since Blizzard consciously decided to forego portals in MoP, it's going to take another 5-10 minutes to fly to a different set of dailies. Because I'm already in the area I feel compelled to do the dailies in the vicinity as well. Again, I can choose not to do them, but then I'm penalized by having to fly somewhere else or by missing out on loot rolls. The key here is that regardless of what I choose I feel penalized.
    If that's how you feel about it (it's your problem though). Since 5.2 theres more than one way to get charms.....infact more or less everything gives you an elder charm these days. As of today I have 2772 Lesser ye, not really an issue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Ronduwil View Post
    What's wrong with the term "new players?" I think it has a friendlier ring to it than "mouth breathing fucktards who don't give a shit about anything," don't you? Instead of complaining about these players why don't you try mentoring them? If they can't be mentored then just /ignore them and you won't have to deal with them ever again. You might even get lucky once in a while and make a new friend. If this is how you're regarding your fellow players it's no wonder you don't enjoy LF*.
    Nothing really, especially since I'm not talking about "new players" specifically. I've never slagged anyone off in LFG/R, I'm very polite in fact. Regardless they behave like Mouth Breathing Fucktards, and sometimes a Spade is indeed a Spade.

    Ironically I don't have any problems with LFR at all, ain't been mandatory for some time, what I was stating was I have a problem with people QQing bout LFR because they don't have the social skills to be in a guild. The one caveat to that is if you can't commit to one because of time which hopefully Flex will address in 5.4.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kronik85 View Post
    Nothing really, especially since I'm not talking about "new players" specifically. I've never slagged anyone off in LFG/R, I'm very polite in fact. Regardless they behave like Mouth Breathing Fucktards, and sometimes a Spade is indeed a Spade.
    Whenever I'm in a pug I make a point of assuming that anyone who is not doing what they're supposed to be is new until they indicate otherwise. It makes me much more charitably inclined toward them. For example, when my LFR group wiped on Tsulong and I noticed that one of the healers had parked in some random spot throughout the encounter I politely suggested that they stand in front of Tsulong's mouth during the day phase to get a buff from the golden flame. I also pointed out that they were supposed to be healing Tsulong in the day phase and that they should occasionally take a dip in the beam in the night phase to clear the stacking debuff. That player didn't get mad or go AFK. Instead they told me they had no idea they were supposed to do all that and thanked me for the tips. We didn't wipe the next time around. I'll be the first to admit that not all players respond favorably to advice, but most people want to do the right thing and only have to be told what that thing is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xeraxis View Post
    That's because you were new to the genre. Any of us who played any MMO prior to WoW quickly got over the sense of newness and got back to the level and gear grind. If that is what is bothering you about WoW you can't blame it for being what it is but rather need to blame yourself for not knowing what you were getting into.
    Not that I disagree with you, you're correct and to the point. But, I felt that Blizzard did a better job at hiding that feeling that you were just grinding.

    Example, you ding level 36 and a new ability pops into your bar (Current Model)
    In TBC I tried Horde for the first time and played through most of the low level zones exactly as they had existed in Vanilla - through quests I learned about what it meant to be a member of the Horde under Thrall's rule, and other stuff like what it meant to be a druid and how my class had its importance in Azeroth... even though it meant questing and travelling all over to get answers it was just something I had to see the end of and it worked in taking my mind off all the travel.

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