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    New race/class combos for next expansion?

    Hey everyone!

    Is there a new race/class combo that you hope will happen in the next expansion?

    For Alliance, Gnome Hunters should already be a thing, I was kinda surprised it wasn't already.

    For Horde, Tauren Mages would be kinda cool. Make them use their Shaman powers in a different way or something.

    There should definitely be some more Druid options though, only having 4 really limits things.

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    I want to make my Monk a Worgen.

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    Gnome Druid would be awesome.. and abit lol.

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    Draenei Warlock would be the only one I'd want, that or Gnome Paladins. I'd love Tauren/Draenei Rogues too, but that just seems unreasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by xabo View Post
    Gnome Druid would be awesome.. and abit lol.
    Imagine how adorabley small the cat/bear forms would be.

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    Goblin Paladin...

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    Blood Elf Druids. If the Blood Elves are descended from Night Elves, as lore states, then why couldn't the Blood Elves be druids as well?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ACES View Post
    I want to make my Monk a Worgen.
    Anything else except maybe Goblin Monks I just cannot find a way to make sense.

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    my hopes:

    Forsaken Paladins and Draenei Warlocks - the fact that these combos would be so opposed to their races' general belief could lead to some very interesting storytelling;

    Worgen Monks - because Jon Talbain.

    Pandaren Druid - the pandaren just feel like they'd fit well with druidism.

    Worgen Paladins and Gnome Hunters - because why not?

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    I'd like to see Pandaren Paladins, or night elf paladins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Korru View Post
    Goblin Paladin...
    No...just no.

    OT: I think the amount of race/class combos is good as is right now.
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    Gnome hunters, worgen/goblin monks, pandaren druids, and night elf shaman are my wish list.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazroshka View Post
    Imagine how adorabley small the cat/bear forms would be.
    Or blizz could be amazingly awsome and give them the largest cat/bear forms for some delecious irony.
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    Worgen Paladins, then I'm okay.

    Else, new class already... *crosses fingers for Tinkers... or runemasters*
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    Night elf Paladins, Worgen Paladins, Worgen Shaman, Pandaren Druids.

    Any of those.
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    introduce vrykul as the next playable race, starts neutral like pandaren, and give them the runecaster class, so theres a caster/healer on the rune system, and have them wear mail .. boom

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    I could see goblin/worgen being allowed to be monks.

    Kind of tired of them shoe-horning lore to justify new combinations, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faroth View Post
    I could see goblin/worgen being allowed to be monks.

    Kind of tired of them shoe-horning lore to justify new combinations, though.
    I wonder if people kept criticizing humanity for shoe-horning lore when airplanes started being produced because historically people couldn't fly.

    things change, man. if nothing ever changed among the cultures of the races of azeroth, than the game would be rather unrealistic in it's own setup. if you put a bunch of completely different cultures to live and fight together, chances are they'll have some influence on one another.

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    night elf paladin, night elf warlock, worgen shaman

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