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    [A] Endeavor (3/13 hc) - Silvermoon


    - Mage
    - Elemental Shaman
    - Rogue
    - Restoration Druid
    - Mistweaver Monk

    Endeavor was created in 2010 on the server of Chromaggus-EU with the intention of becoming one of the better raiding guilds who embrace social coherence, progress and a stable home for the better World of Warcraft players. After all these years and after a small break from raiding, we still aim for these goals and try to shoot for the stars with a fresh start on the Silvermoon-EU server.

    Although we just recently regrouped on Silvermoon-EU, we still aim for dedication and perseverance. In the high-time of Endeavor we ranked 9th on the Chromaggus-EU serverlist, had multiple Lich King Heroic (25-man) kills and, on a later date, multiple Nefarian Heroic (10-man), Sinestra Heroic (10-man), Al'Akir Heroic (10-man), Ragnaros Heroic (10-man) and Deathwing Heroic (10-man) kills.

    We aim for low frequency/high intensity raiding. This means we push as much as possible of progress in the least amount of time. This is why we chose for the following raiding moments:

    Tuesday from 20h30 till 23h30 (server time)

    Wednesday from 20h30 till 23h30 (server time)

    Sunday from 21h30 till 23h30 (server time - variable raiding day)

    Our expectations of new raiders

    1. You need to be driven, passionate and knowledgeable of your class/spec.
    2. You are interested in tactics, strategies and devising alternative ways of conquering an encounter. We will not force-feed stuff to you, thinking as a team to beat the encounter is a part of your job too.
    3. You are not let down by a few failures and will not give up after a few wipes and/or will start nagging. An adult way of coping with problems is required.
    4. You can prove by your previous accomplishments (read: achievements) you are a veteran raider and are capable of handling tough encounters.
    5. Your gear and/or achievements of recent raiding experiences are a plus and will help your application.
    6. You should be devoted to the cause of Endeavor and go all out for it. If you intend to quit World of Warcraft in a few months, you shouldn't apply .
    7. We require your age to be above 18 to avoid unnecessary drama.
    8. A rock solid connection and a microphone.

    What we have to offer as a guild

    1. High end raiding in a social system that rewards loyality, attendancy and performance.
    2. A stable raiding group who aims for the best possible result in the least amount of time and your position is assured in case of continuous performance from your part.
    3. A drama-free environment with like-minded, adult people.
    4. An experienced leading team with well defined rules and regulations in which you can feel safe and at home.
    5. The freedom to explore ones capabilities and strengths why honing their weaknesses.



    or give us a ingame whisper! (/w Scarya, Razheem, Tsukuyomï, Arkheonis, Xifu, Midrax, Frizzlewits)

    VISIT US @ http://www.endeavor-guild.tk FOR AN APPLICATION!

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