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    WW build - which one?

    Ok so I finally get my barb to lvl 60. Right after this I wanted change build from leveling one to "famous WW" build and try this for myself at lower MP levels. So I google "WW barb builds" and Im now confused like hell. There so many of them. In one I see rend, other have weapon throw and many more differences.

    So which one is the "cookie cutter ww"? Whats the cons and pros? What would you recommned for just starting Inferno at lover MP?

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    I would just go to the barb forums on the official site, I think they have a builds thread there.

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    The offical forum, and youtube has TONS off info on budget gearing like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-qzMV9qPeV0

    WITH THAT SAID: Don't invest more than you can handle. Maybe 100-500 million max, cause soon enough (2-3 months) we will know what is being nerfed.
    One reason for WoW decline I often hear is that its an old game and naturally people get bored with it. But TV is much older and people still watch that. Surely if a thing you once enjoyed keept staying fun, you would still use it?

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    I just made a WW barb with a mere 35m. I guess I got REALLY lucky on a few pieces as I was buying some items for 500,000.... when they were being listed for well over 60m.

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