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    Just "decoding" for the fun of it, I highly doubt this a real hint.

    "When the sky was torn from the sea, Storm Crow appeared from within the thundering clouds to grant mankind dominion over the living flame." —Legends of the Forgotten World

    "When the sky was torn from the sea" All I can think of is infernals raining down, bringing a lot of chaos. Maybe around the Maelstrom.

    "Storm Crow appeared from within the thundering clouds" What warcraft character is known to have been able to transform into a crow, or at least a similar-look bird? Medivh!

    "grant mankind dominion over the living flame" Living flame being Sargeras (RPG books talks about him being on fire and melting continents). Clearly Medivh gives us the power to face Sargeras, or more likely, his minions.

    "The Forgotten World" Being Argus.

    So in summary: The infernals attack, Medivh shows up and saves the day, blessing us with enough power to travel to Argus to finally be on the attacking side of the war against the Legion. Bam!
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    "dominion over the living flame" .. it is obviously Ragnaros again. Firelands was merely a setback. This time he also wear cowboy boots.

    on a more serious note.. i think you are reading too much into it.

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    Forgotten world: Argus
    Living flame: Burning Legion

    Next expansion: Rise of the Legion

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    You know what's kind of funny is I was just watching on Youtube last night some cinematics from WC3 with Medivh. I watched the cut scene of him flying in as a crow into Lorderon (sp?) confronting King Llane about his visions and how the alliance needed to head to Kalimdor and unite with the horde to defeat the upcoming threat. This reminded me so much of Wrathion this expansion. I think Medivh's character is really compelling, and if he and Wrathion were incoorperated with the next expansion I would be really interested in it.

    I think the OP might be on to something (wishful thinking). I would guess the next expansion would include Argus, with Wrathion and Medivh getting us there to fight the Burning Legion!

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