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    the idea is good, but at launch it was a bit too annoying to do dailies etc.

    it's a bit better now that there are other ways of getting lesser charms.
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    Bonus rolls are some of the greatest additions to this expansion. So helpful to be able to give your raiders that extra chance on a trinket boss. Saves you on a lot of loot if you get lucky too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Derpette View Post
    Replace bonus roll with gems/enchants and your entire post is still the same. Remove those too please, cba buying stuff to enhance my gear.
    Yea remove everything - food, flasks, potions, gold, even mounts just make instant teleport to raid entrance then back to Ogrimmar/Stormwind

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    The most important element of coins is that it puts a bit more power into the hands of the individual as opposed to being purely at the mercy of whatever loot system is in place.
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