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    what happened to wintergrasp

    what happened to wintergrasp? did they nerf it to nothingness. its always empty. why is it so empty.

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    The vehicles' health doesn't scale with gear so they get torn to shreds by a single person long before a wall/tower can get destroyed.

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    Everything has been scaled up to 90 actually. VOA can be soloed by most classes now even on heroic so most folks just do the raid when their faction has it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Trubo View Post
    The vehicles' health doesn't scale with gear so they get torn to shreds by a single person long before a wall/tower can get destroyed.
    That and it hasn't been current content for like 4+ years. I've done Tol Barad a few times, the highest number of people I've seen in there is like 6 per side. When stuff is old less people take the time to do it.

    As far as the raid goes, I could see a few people trying to win just for that, but I don't think the mount would be that big of a motivator.

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    I can understand Wintergrasp, not much honor rewards, but winning Tol Barad, if you have the weekly quest, is like 3 times the amount of honor of a random BG. I don't know why more people don't do it.
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    Wintergrasp is actually good honor too if you have quests. More than a BG that's for sure. I do Wintergrasp and TB while gearing characters up for PvP, but after that it's not worth it. It isn't really balanced because the side that's defending can't lose if they have more than 5 people in the game.

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    I'm on a populated realm where TB still reaches 20v20 but WG only reaches 3v3. Wish they would up the honor reward for winning WG

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    So voa has heroic option when was this?

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    Just give 150 Conquest Points per 1st win each day = both these zones will soar in popularity

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    40 man BGs aren't even fun, TB and WG are even worse.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flyingbacon123 View Post
    So voa has heroic option when was this?
    He means 25 man

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