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    Time to introduce the Artifact?

    With the division pertaining to class-restricted, more difficulty to acquire legendary items in comparison to the openly available cloaks that were introduced, should the Artifact distinction finally be introduced?

    Essentially, legendary items are available to everyone with just running LFR as the cloaks were. Artifacts would remain restrictive as prior legendary items been. All permanently acquirable legendary weapons from the past would also be upgraded to Artifact status to reflect the new design.

    One would not be able to acquire an Artifact from LFR while everyone is able to acquire a legendary item. As per usual, not many people would have artifacts provided that Blizzard provides a more substantial barrier than a few weeks of grinding raids. Possibly go back to the low drop chances that was used until WotLK.

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    Why not give artifact to normal raiders, and uberartifact (with red name) to hero... mythical raiders?

    On a more serious note. I don't see the meaning of introducing such thing. A legendary is already strong enough, + artifact gear is meant to be GM only, unattainable, and has gamebreaking effects.

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