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    The list from bigwigs ra-den assist is usefull even in 10 man. There's no reason not to use it at least. Even if it's easier to manage on 10 man, it still makes it even easier than without it.

    Any argument I can see in this thread against it is "hurr durr it's easy enough without it anyway derp", which is a pretty shitty argument. Maybe these guys should raid with zero addons, since it's so easy.

    Quote Originally Posted by Winkle View Post
    We had significant issues with it, often people wouldn't show up on, it requires constant Ui reloading for others. Seemed like to much hassle for what is relatively simple mechanic. The weak aura just adds a bit of security and most people run weak auras anyway.

    If all your raid uses bigwigs already then maybe it isn't such an issue (everyone needs to run the BW's addon btw).
    This is the only sensible argument. But we didn't have this issue. The only time people sometimes didn't show on the list was before a pull. When we entered combat, the list would update and show. No one had to reload Ui. Could be some of you used different versions of the addon, or some that somehow failed to download the ra-den assist part. You need both for it to work, big wigs and the ra-den assist addition.
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    The addon bugged for us as well, like Winkle described. It's so stupidly easy, I would to advise against using it, and risking wasted attempts (which you may or may not need).

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    Congrats on Heroic Lei Shen!

    My guild just downed Ra-den last week and we just had one person call it out, while everyone tried their best to pay attention to the order. It's such a simple mechanic, but for some reason it gets so intense that it's quite easy mess up (maybe due to the limited attempts). Just remember to save your burst for killing orbs and don't let those adds live too long!

    Good luck on Ra-den!

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    Not using an add-on also allows you to practice phase 1 before wasting attempts in the room.

    It's a lot easier IMO to hear your name on vent and call a name than have to read text from an addon, but it requires to make a list for both markers.

    Some people also use a warlock portal, we didn't, we just have 2 lists for both markers.

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    Ra-Den BW assist makes the raidcalling completely trivial. Nuke all red orbs, follow the addon for the queue, reset every 4th (i think) and keep the add under control with pushbacks. if your raid is competent then it will fall over in less than 1 lockout
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spotnick View Post
    Not using an add-on also allows you to practice phase 1 before wasting attempts in the room.

    It's a lot easier IMO to hear your name on vent and call a name than have to read text from an addon, but it requires to make a list for both markers.

    Some people also use a warlock portal, we didn't, we just have 2 lists for both markers.
    So... what exactly prevents you from doing the same practice with an addon? Set up a list, read names from it, move to correct spot, repeat. In actual combat, addon does it for you by assigning raid marks.

    Addon or not, it's just common sense to explain and practice things before wasting any attempts.

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    So basically, if all 10 of us gets bigwigs + raden assist addon, i can put all 10 of us in the same group (Star for example, in addon options).

    Then during the fight there's just gonna be one list with all the names in the order, as soon as someone gets debuff their name gets moved to the bottom?
    Sounds extremely easy this way, should be no problem/confusion as all provided addon works as it should. And that debuff is kind of the only hard part in the fight (From what we've seen).

    Thanks for the replies, i'll force them to get bigwigs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spacebot View Post
    Everyone should really get that addon to begin with for these kind of situations. There's many more debuffs or buffs that you can track on other players that you want to know about.
    Completely agree. Although it kinda requires that at least one person in your guild knows how to make the WA's. Like in my guild it's our Resto Druid, he always makes WA's for every single fight on Heroic (works on Normal as well). If there's any specific mechanic that requires some calling out, he makes a WA for that as well.

    On point though, you don't need an add-on for Vita on 10 man. If you managed to get to Ra-den, you should be capable at calling out who's running out next.

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    Considering this is your last lockout, just get the addon.

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    tried the addon but that was one of the first versions and it seemed terrible for 10 men at least. every 2nd time it just didn't do anything. probably fixed by now, but I don't see the point. as said above, put up raid marker A and B. make a set chain of 1 to 9 (excluding the tank). all you have to remember is one name, the guy after you.

    so if it hits guy named 3, he goes to A and calls out 4 to B. then 4 calls out 5 to A. etc. means everyone has to remember 1 name, the guy behind him in the chain. have one guy (probably a healer) watch who gets the initial debuff as people are often enough oblivious to their own debuffs and call it out. after each time you juggle into red and back into blue, all debuffs get reset and a random new guy gets the first target.
    again, make sure someone calls that out. otherwise just have everyone hit the red orbs, use stuns on the add and loot.

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    You guys have two warlocks don't you? Putting one portal between the raid stack and the distant point and another portal between the distant point and the close point would make things pretty easy.

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    We tried using the addon on 10 man, but found it way easier just calling it out on vent when you got the debuff!

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    Step 1. Make a preset order.
    Step 2. Everyone takes note of which person is in before and after them.
    Step 3. Everyone calls out the name of the person NEXT in line.
    Step 4. Loot.

    I assume that since you reached Ra'den, your raiders are capable of remembering 2 names, and that's really all there is to it. The rest of the fight is a lot simpler than Dark Animus or Lei Shen, so should pose no problems.

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