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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigbazz View Post
    Raiding became harder without a doubt...

    The non raiding game is much easier though, for the exact reason that the classes became so much more powerful. This is why we steamroll 5mans with no CC and this is why we no longer die when leveling up alts. ... but on the whole MOP is probably the most difficult raiding expansion to date.
    Those were my thoughts as well. Raiding has continued to get harder from Xpac to Xpac - with a few exceptions (ie. Dragonsoul). Outside raiding, most everything else had been made easier - a lot of which I agree were good QoL changes and some of the easiness was unintended side of affects of exponential character power growth.

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    Well the fact that threat really doesn't play a role in tanking makes it nearly unbearable with these people I try to play with sometimes... They don't understand that the tank has to grab and hold a bit of aggro earlier on and that you focus one target.
    Hey everyone

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    The raid are a lot harder now then they were back then.
    But gaining access to those raids is a LOT easier then it was. Every top guild said to Blizzard that recruiting new players once you were in BT/Hyjal was insanely hard, and they kept telling them for almost a full year. The attunement was bad enough in itself, but there wasnt any good alternative to get gears strong enough to simply think about entering T6 content. Today, a totally new player can get to 90 today and realistically think about doing SoO normal in 2 to 3 weeks depending on his luck with drops.

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    I did bosses at 5-7 FPS using a shitty UI whereby about 50% of my abilities were button bound (by Cata, I'd got fancy and was using shift/ctrl/alt modifiers) so certain ranks of Greater Heal were clicked. I don't think many healers will have used @mouseover or Clique style mods.

    And then there was the meta game. Bring the class, not the player. We solved the latter by levelling shaman, warlock and shadowpriest alts or sharing accounts (if our best Enhancement Shaman didn't log, a benched player would play his account). If you weren't good at the recruitment meta game, you had a very hard time.

    In itself, only original Nightbane, Shiraz, Kael, Vashj, Eredar Twins (meta), M'uru were hard - other fights were made harder because of the "LOL only warriors can tank" philosophy that was prevalent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daffan View Post
    The dungeons now arent even a joke they are just a sad sad waste of content. So having "joke" dungeons would be better than what we have now.

    1. useless (Heroic Scen Valor)
    2. easy (AOE AOE AOE MY EYES)
    3. boring (AOE AOE AOE)
    4. lame (AOE AOE AOE)

    Did i mention AOE? 99% recount chain lightning up in this dungeon, elite.
    As a whole, I thought this expansion has been amazing, but the one con I would have is the dungeons aren't even dungeons. You're correct on that one. If they had made the dungeons a challenge, I truly believe this expansion would have been the best all round expansion ever created.

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    Bosses/raids are harder these days (more tactics) Buuuut... characters have become "dumbed down" and everyone has heals and pretty much every class has everything which makes the game easier in that way (fewer skills etc etc)
    Quote Originally Posted by Runecapeman
    I try not to post anywhere anymore, due to fear of being infracted. Feels like there are too many mods that aren't screened well enough. "Dirty cops" if you will.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nulir View Post
    The game is much harder now in terms of difficulty BUT TBC was "harder" due to grinding and farming specific resistances for fights. The fights themselves were LFR in complexity by HC Garrosh/ Ragg and Lei Shen standards.
    Name 3 bosses in BC where you had to 'grinding and farming specific resistances for fights'.
    The heroics and world were miles away harder in BC. The average of the raids were harder than the average difficulty of the bossses in MoP.
    Yeah HC Lei Shen were probably harder than anything in BC but what about the other bosses from ToT? Apart from Duru and Animus the rest were not that hard. In Sunwell for example, tou had M'uru but the other bosses were a pain too.
    And stop lying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Airwaves View Post
    It got harder in wrath. Heroic LK is harder then anything in BC. And please don't count broken bosses. The game is ALOT harder then it ever was.
    Sunwell is the harder instance of WoW. No filler bosses. Heroic ICC had 2 hard bosses.
    LK were not even the hardest boss from his ex pack.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KClovesGaming View Post
    Most people were brand new at the game back in TBC, which added to a majority of the content seeing harder than it really was back then. I guarantee you that if we took players that played now and subbed them into players during BC, dungeons for example would be a complete joke. JMO and I stand by it.
    Nope. It wasnt hard because players were bad. The mobs did a lot of damage and you had to use massive CC, and if you fail you probably wipe. If you travel time the MoP players would die in the first pull trying to AoE the first room.
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    It's not harder or easier. It's pretty on par, though there are more choices all around.

    Players have a much wider variety of abilities. Therefore, the game can require different steps than it did before. However, questing and raiding is not much more difficult than before, the easier modes being way easier than earlier expansions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bramickias View Post
    The raid are a lot harder now then they were back then.
    But gaining access to those raids is a LOT easier then it was. Every top guild said to Blizzard that recruiting new players once you were in BT/Hyjal was insanely hard, and they kept telling them for almost a full year. The attunement was bad enough in itself, but there wasnt any good alternative to get gears strong enough to simply think about entering T6 content. Today, a totally new player can get to 90 today and realistically think about doing SoO normal in 2 to 3 weeks depending on his luck with drops.
    What raids? Normal mode? Flex mode? Some heroic mode bosses are harder than the bosses back then, and thats it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cits View Post
    Name 3 bosses in BC where you had to 'grinding and farming specific resistances for fights'.
    Hydross, Shahrazz, and maybe A'lar if your tanks were otherwise squishy.

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    Many reasons.

    Way more raiding guilds
    People have gotten better, more guides and videos out now.
    Raids have gotten more mechanics then before, so its how you handle that.

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    Well i'm not sure which one is harder than the other,if you only consider the one aspect of the game,such as raiding.It has more options avaliable for the players now.I will not mention about the dungeon journal (yeah it's giving the basic information)but as you may aware of,some of the mechanics in the game (during raids and heroic dungeons etc.) are still same,for example:dont stand in the fire,or kill the adds then nuke the boss or avoid the other things.But after all i can see lots of levellers or casual players still acting like these factors did not exist.The guy who stands in the fire still blames the whole group or healer or just saying "hey i'm new to the game !" As you can see the tougness is just a variable,other things depends on the player.

    Many guilds have been found since TBC and now if they are not skilled or geared for normal raids,they can do runs in a Flex mode to get item(s).Also will experience the boss fight without get bored or with less wipes.If you back to the Tbc (there are lot's of people who are experienced more than me about Tbc )half of these options were not avaliable,if you ask to decent Tbc player about heroic dungeons in the past.He or she might tell you that heroics were too hard.But for well-geared guys it was not a problem at all during Tbc days.

    So i think Tbc and Mop cannot be compared so easily.
    First of all classes have changed
    Talents have changed
    Stats have changed
    Dungeon mechanics might look same as vanilla or tbc but quite different.
    Raids now has four toughness options LFR/Flex/Normal/Heroic which is quite handy for beginners and casual raiders.Determination is a variable.
    We got Hc scenarios instead of more dungeons (such a shame in my opinion )
    Newly introduced Timeless Isle (for gearing up and such ) So you can gear up your Tank,Dps or Healer character easily than before.
    10m or 25m are your options (but the numbers of 25m guilds are getting low so 10m is getting the only options i think )

    That's all the differences i can remember.So actually game mechanics are getting easier for players or beginners,but that does not mean raids are easier than Tbc or another expansion.

    These are my opinions about raids and game mechanics.Mop may sound easier than other expansions in general but if you look into that you can see there are more details to be concerned

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    Raiding is probably a bit more difficult, but the rest of game is complete faceroll compared to TBC.

    Leveling can be (and has been) done naked. 5 man leveling dungeons are so easy even without heirlooms that its just stupid and boring. 5 man heroic dungeons are easier than 5 deadmines used to be.

    Game difficulty used to be somewhat linear, now its like this:
    - levels 0-85: 0/10
    - levels 85-90: 1/10
    - "heroic" max level dungeons: 1/10
    - Raiding: 10/10

    There is no difficulty curve any more. There are no more learning opportunities for players. Game is way too easy until you reach proper raiding and then it jumps directly to hard.
    Gul'dan did nothing wrong.

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    I think the best way to translate it is that the game was much more unforgiving, back in the days

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    Quote Originally Posted by pfbe View Post
    While the fights themselves got harder, the game as a whole got more accessible. There are more gearing options, there are more grouping options, you are not required to farm so many consumables, wipe recovery is faster, strategy resources are more available (i.e. journal), specs and classes got polished, the whole UI got polished, and ultimately players got more used to various types of mechanics over the years. There are also some external factors, like better computers, better internet connections, better peripherals, etc.

    So, yeah, the game is harder. And it's also easier.
    I guess we could settle on "it's a different game".
    Exactly this, cant put it better.

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    gearing up for heroics in TBC was crappy, not much info was out... and ppl did not ever EVER look up boss fights for heroics they would go in thinking they could just figure it out, some heroics would just end up leaving before the first boss, the guilds that took the time to do everything right were the few that got to see illidan and kil jaeden, which not many guilds got to down during there pre nerf phase, my guild were in karazhan the majority of TBC because we had people not willing to pull in the time and effort to gear correctly and learn the fights, we had Karazhan on farm status mined you, but we kept having to rotate people in and out because tanks would not show and what not, the only difficult thing about TBC was having badies pull you down because they don't know how to gear correctly or play there class correctly

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    yes, the game has become much harder, and raid encounters have become a lot less forgiving, However Players skill is much much higher these days, even the average casual player, if transported back to TRB and having the same gear would have little to no problems picking up the mechanics that many people struggled to grasp back then.

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    Honestly I wouldn't necessarily say its harder or easier, black and white.

    I would say encounters are tuned with more leeway now than they were then.
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    The community as a whole has improved. We've got a lot more tools such as Websites, Optimisation Tools & Guides, along with in-game tools and features that have made it "easier" to play a certain role as effectively as possible.

    However, the game has also increased the difficultly to coincide with those features. Bosses have a lot more mechanics, operate a much more punish set of tools, and generally are a much greater challenge.

    Comparing the models is hard, but I would honestly say that Flexible Raiding / Looking for Raid is about the difficulty level most players would've experienced in The Burning Crusade. Of course a few bosses are exceptions to the rule, but generally speaking from my experience, Flex / LFR slots nicely into the TBC Raiding Model of difficulty.

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    tbc wasn´t hard it was just time consuming with the resistance gear bullsht and whatnot

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