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  • I would love to see HD version of TBC tier sets

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    What if the WoD tier sets are HD versions of TBC

    What if Blizzard would make HD versions of Tier 4,5 and 6 in WoD with a small twist?
    Would you like this or do you think what they did with Tier 3 and Tier 7 was not really an improvement on the sets?

    Tier 17 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tier 4
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    I wouldn't even be mad. HD remake / updated versions of BC lock sets would be amazing

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    I would be pissed.
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    I wouldnt mind seeing the TBC sets remade in HD and with a couple of changes here and there tbh. Most of the TBC sets looked really bad ass, along with most of the WotLK ( excluding TotC sets ) tier sets.
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    I don't think they're remaking them. The paladin one just looks similar because it's based on draenei design.

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    They won't be. T17 looks like a mix of T4 and T5 because like those, it's based on Draenei stuff. Many other TBC things didn't have a basis that fits in with the WoD theme. Except Voidheart (with Void Giants in WoD), Gronnstalker (with Gronns in WoD), and Onslaught, given that Onslaught could be made to look like an Orc set.
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    If you mean in the same way as the new paladin set looks quite like t4 thematically but with a new design, then yeah, that could be pretty cool.

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    Please, not a paladin T2-T6 redesign!!!
    Or 50% or more "plate population" would wear it.......

    Leave those damn sets in the past please.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    I don't think they're remaking them. The paladin one just looks similar because it's based on draenei design.
    Just wait until you see the warrior one, it will look like we are wearing debris from a city... Again.

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    I would be mad :P too early to tell yet but I do not want this to turn into a cata rehashapalooza
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    Eh, the Mage T4 was kind of boring.
    It'd be nice to have some with their roots in TBC and some that are completely new.

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    I would like it if one or two tiers were sort of based on the old tiers, (like the Pally
    set appears to be,) but a whole expansion of re-imagined gear would be a bit too
    much for me. Though, I'll probably be mogging it to something old either way. XP
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    It kinda would make sense tho.

    With updated models they might want to update the gear sets this way aswell.
    In my opinion TBC and WotlK sets where the best sets anyways so i am all in for HD models of them.
    Maybe drop a few unique items in raids like Garrosh shoulder pads in SoO tho.

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    As a baseline I wouldn't mind that at all, but they need to be "different" in a sense, I think they did a good job with the paladin set so far.
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    I'd love it if the first tier of WoD was a "best of TBC but in HD", I just hope we'll also see some originality. Then again, my main is a Monk and they'll have to get new stuff for Monks and DK's. Maybe make a DK set that matches the helmet Ony drops.

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    Just gonna copy-paste what I said in another thread.

    Doubt they're literally redesigning every T4, I think the inspiration is there because it's a Dreanic set. Warriors I can bet they will have something very Blackrock clan inspired, Blackhand maybe. And Shaman's will have something crazy, like a Bleeding hollow inspired set would be amazing, with blood and that jazz.

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    What a great idea, I would love to see that.

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    Maybe one tier would be cool. Beyond that, I wouldn't like too many extra sets.

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    I wouldn't mind. You can count me in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wyrt View Post
    I don't think they're remaking them. The paladin one just looks similar because it's based on draenei design.

    What did people think WoD pally sets would be based off of? Humans? Orcs?

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