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    I'm not a lore guy.. but do we really need an orc expansion again?

    I like pretty much every race except pandas. I was pretty fed up with the garrosh story line and wish he would have been killed earlier so we could move on.

    and then.... more garrosh??? what's the point of MOP if garrosh was going to come back?

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    Ork is the biggest and da strongest !!! Also greeniest and meaniest !!! WAAAAAAAAAAGHH !!!!

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    He's not "coming back". He sets the motion of "Warlods of Draenor" but he isn't the "boss" of the expansion. He causes it but isn't "it".
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    metzen is all about orc.

    You will likely never see a well presented Alliance expansion. They might get equal billing but never outshine the orcs.

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    Still waiting for that fist-pump moment on the Alliance side.


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