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    help pls!!! (anyone with a US account)

    Im an old player who switched to eu and recently found out a friend from tbc is still playing on blackrock
    And looking at their feed seems online now.
    Theyre on blackrock. 90 tauren druid called Ceridian.

    Would anyone be kind enough to send them a tell saying an old friend is trying to contact them and needs their skype details to correspond because I dont have an US account. [Say im somebody he recruited into the guild "immortality"]

    Thanks <3

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    You could always make a US trial account and find the person you're looking for that way to make it faster for you.

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    Trial accounts cant send pm's

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    Octal, he appeared to be AFK when I tried to contact him, but I have sent him an in-game mail with your information. I told him to PM you if he has an MMO-Champion account, or to message me in game to act as a go-between. I'll let you know if I hear from him.

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    I really can't thank you enough.
    Thanks for doing this.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Still havent been able to contact him if anyone else could try id be appritiative

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