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    Prot Warrior Streaming Heroic Paragons 10m Prog

    I know not a lot of you know me I don't post often, but I figured I'd get started with doing that by streaming my guild Progression. Tonight I'll be streaming my Prot Warrior progressing on 10m Heroic Paragons. We only have a few attempts on it but I think we should get it fairly quick. Would love any feedback so please feel free to drop by, give criticism, feedback, encouragement w/e.


    We also have a bunch of us that stream if you want to see from different perspectives:



    Hope to see you all dropping by.

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    stream advertisment aint allowed here. We have a distinctive forum for that.
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    considering that TG warriors was here since Vanilla, and DK's got into the World of warcraft in WoTLK... you can say that they have been stealing 2-handed from us.
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    There is a reason you don't just pull numbers out of your ass and throw them on the forums. People will show you wrong. Ass numbers are useless.
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    I can't believe warriors wine about their defensive capabilities. DK's and warrs are even on heals.

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    My Bad. If we could go ahead and lock this that's fine.

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    Well since its been said already, just going ahead and locking this = )

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