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    Super Mario Bros. cost $48M to make in 1993. Adjusted for inflation, that's close to what they're budgeting for the Warcraft movie.

    Bob Hoskins and Dennis Hopper are B movie actors?
    Super Mario is one of several exceptions to the rule budget wise, but an exception does not make a norm. And it's obvious nobody had any fucking passion in the project, the source material, or the canon there who was making final decisions, (the history of the production is infamous) and nobody in the days before the Lord of the Rings and the newest generation of comic book movies ever gave a fuck about honoring the source material or the fans in that day and age. This is practically more than just a different century, it's a different era of filmmaking altogether. This is like using the original Fantastic Four or Captain America movie from the 80s to claim any movie based on a comic book today is going to be terrible, or the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman TV series from the early 80s.

    If that's what you want to use as an example to base your cynicism on, be my guest. But you're just revealing what a low standard of evidence you're satisfied with and it's kind of sad to see people using such spurious analogies when there are better reasons with actual plausible legitimacy to be worried about this movie working out.
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    I used to - but after BlizzCon, seeing how seriously they've taken the project and the fact that they have a competent director attached to the project... They might just be able to pull this off.
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    There's this concept called "fun." I know it's foreign to most of the people on this forum, but perhaps you should look into it; there's a school of thought that suggests it's integral to why people play games.

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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhammer99 View Post
    Examine this first:
    Last Airbender, Dragon Ball Z, Street Fighter.
    The Last Airbender could have been a fine movie. Nothing predisposed that film towards failure... until, that is, they handed it to Shamalamadingdong.

    As for Street fighter (and Mortal Kombat)... It's a game about fighting. Not a game about moral decisions, or the overarching human condition... it's people beating one another up. The source material wasn't "rife with depth and complexity" to begin with. Hell, people often cite the Mario Movie as being a basis for how all Video Game movies should play out... what "base material" did they have to pull from, exactly? It's a game about stomping on the heads of turtles and smashing bricks to save a princess from a giant dragon-turtle. Same issue.

    Warcraft has at least some source material and interesting characters to draw upon... I'm going to reserve my judgement until the film comes out. I don't have tremendously high hopes, but Duncan Jones... at least he's a competent director.
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    Kaleredar is right...
    Words to live by.

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