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    This is actually still relevant to WoW development today. Depressing.

    Relevant bit starts at ~1:00 and goes through 11:00. If you have severed ADHD just go to 7:13-9:36 for the "best" part.

    So, I'll start by saying that this was a series I really enjoyed back in the day. TB's footage from the Cata Beta is what initially got me into his whole channel.

    The date this was uploaded was May 24, 2011.

    All of the points he makes about Blizzard's development philosophy were spot on, and surprisingly (not really) still relevant over 4 years later. I remember watching this video when it was initially uploaded and thinking to myself, "Oh shit, it's never a good sign when someone like this quits."

    Part of this was me loving TB's wow related content - sure, but most of it was the realization that if he was doing it others were too. TB states himself he wasn't a hardcore raider. At the time he had no interest in heroic modes at all. So here is a casual player quitting this game and stating the reasons for quitting are the development decisions supposedly intended to make the game more "accessible".

    So, I guess we can all call bullshit on that now since all these changes have resulted in the reduction in quality of the game, "opened the floodgates for entitled behavior", and "socially engineered players to be worse at the game".

    WoW has been a major part of my life as far as entertainment is concerned for years (since late 2006). I had been noticing major shifts in the game since 2008 with WoTLK launch. Some were more subtle than others, but they were there and this video was the confirmation that all of these things I had been noticing weren't just me being a an "elitist".

    Fast forward to now. I raid log for Mythic content.....that's it. I don't pvp anymore because it's terrible (has been for years), LFR is a travesty, profs are silly, garrisons make me suicidal, leveling is repetitive, etc. There is just....nothing else to do that is remotely challenging/entertaining to me.

    Will they ever go back to focusing on quality or will we still see the same old shit - rushed out for 50 bucks per expansion.

    "You don't have to rise to the challenge, you just have to wait long enough until the challenge disappears."

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    This shit again? D:

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    Didn't we just have a thread about this?
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    He played half-finished encounters in beta and claimed that he was done with content. Lol
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    This is like saying 1+1=2 was true and relevant 4 years ago and still is today and you're surprised by that fact.

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    This was already covered in a thread recently.

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