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    How could WoD been a better expansion for you?

    In what ways could WoD have been a better expansion for you?

    What would have made you enjoy the expansion even more?

    I believe WoD is to as near perfect of an expansion (TBC) in terms of gameplay, systems, and overall enjoyability.

    The only thing for me would be including more references to Sargeras and more burning legion build up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    No-flying makes for a better game. Thats a fact.

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    WoD could only have been better if they included my two hero class ideas: Archmage and Archdruid, both of which would be pure healers wearing plate.

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    Less Garrison integration and flying. This fucks it up for me.

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    Flying at level 100 would make it better for me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassium View Post
    WoD could only have been better if they included my two hero class ideas: Archmage and Archdruid, both of which would be pure healers wearing plate.
    A new range class wouldn't have been so bad =)
    And a new battleground
    And shorter preparation time in coliseum
    The two later aren't that hard to do, but won't be =(
    However, they are hopefully making it with game token, which means I can actually be subscribed because otherwise I would have been like now, in mode unsubscribed
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    flying.. i dont mind Garrisons they will learn from that.

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    - No Ashran
    - No Garrisons

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    If my wife left me and I got fired so I had more time to play
    Also, if people whined less on forums

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    Remove professions from garrisons
    A daily quest hub for each rep while keeping the rep on kills.
    Timeless isle like area with events.
    Harder lfr

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    Playing in the zones for higher level quests. I feel like I am stuck in my garrison unfortunately.

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    If it were identical to the release of Wrath, with the current raid in place of Naxxramas.

    This would also mean that patch 6.2 with an Ulduar equivalent raid would be coming in about 2 weeks from now.
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    Actual daily hubs with story progression, like the Golden Lotus hub at the minimum, Isle of Thunder at the most.
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    You terrify me!

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    -Guild Garrison option.
    -Better hubs and locations for roleplayers to hang out Hordeside.
    -Flying in the next patch.
    -Playable Ogres!
    -Less scratched content like Faralohn.

    Otherwise, having a ton of fun.

    -Less grindy rep gain system.
    -Playable brown orcs.
    -More NPC clothing available to players: Like the Frostwolves armor and weapons, and Warsong shields. Warspear Grunt helmet.
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    Someone at BioWare said it best a couple of years ago:
    "You could give the player a [Magic Hat] that would give them the exact gaming experience they ever wanted, and they would still complain about the colour of the hat."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    The only thing for me would be including more references to Sargeras and more burning legion build up.
    The correct term since WoD is "sargerasses", as there are two of them now. Or at least two.

    Not sure if there are other timelines. Probably there also is a timeline where gnomes look like tauren and vice versa. Since WoD i am not really sure if we ever will beat enough sargerasses to actually really safe the world.

    What could WoD have done better?

    Well.. there could be flying. I really love flying.
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    Class changes were terrible, and the guy doing the pvp balancing is either a total moron or making it intentionally fucked up.
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    Flying right at 100
    More void storage space or something like that combined with an account-wide transmog system and tabard tab
    Less time needed to collect herbs / ores from the garrison
    Dailies or tabard & dungeon method for reputation farming
    No restriction on the number of crafting items that you can equip
    More active followers (combined with a restriction on number of active or available missions to prevent abuse)
    Awesome class-specific quest chains like the epic mount quests for warlocks & paladins or the warlock green fire quest chain, which would award either some class-specific perk or mount and a title for finishing while it's current content

    Edit: Oh yeah, new blood elf models which really capture the flair of the old ones instead being a half-done job. Extend to some other races as well (at least trolls are fine...)
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    No flying made me lose interest pretty quickly. And garrison chores.

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    Hey look..... Another post by Jaylock about how awesome WOD is
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    more content outside of raids like more dungeons and scenarios.
    also more reasons to leave the garrison. also put back flying. horde main
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    More Story Driven Endgame Questing.

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