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    Look arguing back and forth with one another is useless and doesn't help this thread at all. Lava its pointless to argue u should just let if go, and if he wants to claim he is the best in the world let him. You asked him to back his claim, and all that has come spewing from his mouth is BS excuses and fallacies that in of itself should be all the proof you need.

    Endus must be on vacation because its not like him to allow derailing of this magnitude to go on for so long

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    It's like I'm comparing apple to apples and you're just saying "no those are pears". We've derailed this thread enough. To the OP your haste level should really remain around what it is now with you introducing more mastery as you get more gear. In pure single target haste will win out, but a balanced approach is best for SoO unless gearing for a specific fight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tickle View Post
    IN BIS - Haste wins on single target. Mastery wins on constant cleave. Balanced wins on everything in between. I updated the sims on Totemspot to reflect this (the mastery BIS list I'd used before was messed up, apparently).

    But the correct answer is to always sim yourself. If someone tells you to go full mastery, and they haven't simmed you, THEY are doing it wrong.
    Ill leave you with this.

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    Though, I generally agree that mastery is the main stat for most shamans, one should still take into account the situation of the OP.

    Saying "all top ele shaman's prefer mastery" is not a good advice to someone with ilevel 547.

    If you take again brightleaf of BL, he/she can go full mastery with 94% while still having 11k haste (which the OP has in his gear).

    So yeah, for him/her, going full mastery is more beneficial because brightleaf can still maintain a high haste level.

    Having the OP reforge/regem everything into mastery would leave the OP in a bad state with less than 8k haste which is really not prefereable.

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    uh im not sure anymore but didnt Haste pull ahead of Mastery in Full BiS Gear ?

    ah someone posted it nvm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    I've been called one of the best ele shaman in the world, if not the best. I think I know what I'm talking about. Mastery > Haste.
    Just wanted to post in the thread with the best ele shaman in the world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sting View Post
    this thread is gonna be interesting /popcorn

    Isn't it possible to reach 100% mastery these days at high gear levels? I rarely play my elemental shammy but supposedly you could go for the mastery hard cap and then switch to haste at very high gear levels, correct me if I'm wrong.
    Theoretically: yes, you could. However, it is typically better to just sim and do a reforge plot. The difference between full mastery, full haste, and balanced is less than 1% on most fights. Furthermore, those values are based on BIS, and trinket mechanics play a huge part in these values.

    At your ilevel, take everything you read with a mountain of salt. the only correct answer is to plot it and decide which points on the graph you find comfortable given fight mechanics (stacking slightly more haste or mastery than "optimal").
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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    You'd basically be disagreeing with the top shaman in Exodus
    Because in Exodus we had a Ele shaman ever besides some dump PoS in T14? PS: Exodus has been dead since the 2nd kill of Ra-Den. Stop spitting lies(granted I don't even know who the hell you are nor does Exodus, I bet, if you think we had Ele shaman(s) there)

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    Just want to point out that Leeds went with Mastery > Haste in ToT even though Haste was demonstrably superior because he enjoys playing with Mastery. At any level, comfort will (to a certain point) outweigh the theory because the difference between them on anything but flat out AoE is so minimal that it only just barely matters.

    @ Juesh - Any time, any place (so long as I'm not at work.) Play seriously for your Malkorok kill. I'll watch <3
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    I love arguing! BRING ON THE TROLLS!

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    I actually went mastery in ToT as well, but I still maintained around 11-12k haste and after that went straight mastery. That haste level just feels right to me

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    how are you best ele in world? i am best ele in world. i can do like 200k dps on normalmodes bro

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    You should stop trying to discredit my talents, skill and ability to perform amazingly well at ele when the best guilds in the world (even better than Exodus) have complimented me.
    starting to get tired of you. why shouldnt we discredit your "talent" when the only thing you have is your word. while we show logs where you underperform. give me a valid reason why YOU, mr random internet guy, why we should trust YOUR WORD more than actual data?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    Ask the ele shamans in the top guilds how good I am. Bam, there's your proof. Your farm kill "data" proves nada.
    Im not the one claiming to be the best in the world. so again. YOU provide info that they claimed it(No i dont take your word on a forum as proof, if so then i can say dude, im 500feet tall and i can fly. i said so therefor you must belive me). even people from exodus have spoken in this thread and none knows who you are. just stop this before you look even more dumb then you already do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    I've been called one of the best ele shaman in the world, if not the best. I think I know what I'm talking about.
    And I think you just lost all credibility as soon as you said that, prove your right without random empty statements that do absolutly nothing to support your claim other than sound like your either bragging or making junk up.

    Post something that actually proves your point ie data, logs etc
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    Can we please keep this on topic about gearing for mastery as a shaman and not about who is or isn't the best in the world?

    If you have helpful links/theorycrafting for the OP, please post it.
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    Smh at this thread. OP, sim it. Here's a guide on how to do so:

    As for the "top" eles going mastery: they can because they don't care about min/maxing on individual fights. If you want to be doing the absolute best dps you can on every fight, your gemming and reforging (and talents) will change.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juesh View Post
    I've been called one of the best ele shaman in the world, if not the best. I think I know what I'm talking about. Mastery > Haste.
    Oh god, holy shit. This borders on some of the most retarded shit i have ever seen on this site.

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    The whole obsession with mastery at this point makes more sense due to how much haste we're getting on gear at this point. It was very much the same story during the last Cata tier, IIRC. Nowadays with the advent of the LMG, we've plenty of haste going around. I just started back playing again 3-4 weeks ago, and as I've obtained gear upgrades, I've shifted more towards mastery, but I like being in the 11.5-12k haste range minimum. 33-35% haste, if you'd prefer. I'm at a meager 552 ilvl, though, so any logs I were to post would be laughable at best.

    Disclaimer: Everything I've posted is purely anecdotal evidence.

    TL;DR: Sim yoself!

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    I just like having 100% mastery because it feels good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by felix014 View Post
    I just like having 100% mastery because it feels good.
    I just wish ele mastery wasn't mechanically incapable of going over 100%...
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