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    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    Knowing Celestalon, he both A) doesn't know and B) will nerf the spec until he figures it out while denying it ever happened.

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    `What that other guy sed! a Fucking DeLorean!!!!!! i want my fucking DeLorean were gonna see some serious shit when that thing hits 88 miles per hour!!! (that was the catchphrase right?) :P

    I already see it having an extra button that allows it to slip time streams and get to a random place on dreanor simialer to the wormhole generator but than in a mount!! hahaha fucking brilliant!

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    30 days to make a skygolem.. go blizz whats next..

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    I always prefer living beasts, so I'd like a REAL spider mount.

    I hope the next store item they'll add in terms of transmog gear, is an item giving you wings. Different types of them, account-wide. Nothing more, just awesome wings letting us fly without a mount.

    That feeling when there's a new expansion out and you sit in a Garrison wondering what the hell to do because you are stuck on an entire continent like Timeless Isle, only with flightpaths to encourage afk travel coz "immersion".

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    Quote Originally Posted by det View Post
    I second that.

    But i second anything spider. It is time we get a freaking spider or nerubian like mount.
    I second this. We really need spider mounts in this game.

    And although I love nerubians, it'd be insulting to them if they became a mount. They're humanoids that created one of the greatest empires on Azeroth, they would never let lesser races ride them.
    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    It's racist because it doesn't agree with the poster you replied to's view of the world. It's racist because that's the easy way out of an argument. It's racist because it succeeded in diverting the topic of your reply to racism instead of the actual topic. I could go on, but I won't. Some people literally will not get it until they are the one bombed, or taken hostage, or randomly stabbed for not kneeling to the right (or any) imaginary friend.

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    Drakes are sentient beings, still they are mounts.

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