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    Rerolling Balance or Feral. Unless mages get an overhaul like Warlocks, its going to be same old.

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    Well I main a mage now. I see no reason to quit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arkwin View Post
    I really want to play my mage but it just isn't as satisfying as our dps used to be, especially with warlock being so strong and IMO pretty simple to do good numbers with. Mage at heart for life .... But come on blizzard make us freaking OP again
    I hope you are talking about PVE, because pvp is a freaking playground for mages, 2icelance4you

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    My current main is a mage and I will probably switch to a tank class because I'm playing more and more solo.
    I still like the gameplay, but mage sucks for solo gaming.
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    Always and forever. Love my mage more than anything.
    "Checkmate doesn't mean you've simply cornered the king. It's a declaration that the enemy king is now yours."

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    Most definitely.

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    I have mained a Mage since I started playing WoW and it's still my favorite toon. I enjoy the others and play lots of alts, but when it comes to raiding it's always been Mage. My professions are Engineering/Tailoring and I think it's a really nice combination. I don't want to drop either one but if I could have another profession it would definitely be enchanting. Being able to disenchant all the random stuff you come across throughout an expansion would be really nice. Jewelcrafting is also a nice profession but the amount of materials and bag space you need for it makes it kind of annoying. JC is a great profession for an alt, imo.

    Gnome power!

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    I'm switching to elemental shammie, mage was fun but it's time to moveon to another class. Maining another class every xpack to keep things fresh. Last two xpacks were pure dps and I'm kinda done with that, having 3 specs of dps is meh.

    To OP: the good old enchanting/tailoring combo is very Nice for casters, but you should pick what you like Same goes for race.

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    Haven't played my mage since Cata never liked it so probably not

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    Quote Originally Posted by vindicatorx View Post
    Haven't played my mage since Cata never liked it so probably not
    I think this is more towards people who are actually playing Mages or have been of late.

    Also what comes to me playing my Mage. It depends on many things.. But if am playing WoW at all, it depends how well they remedy the problems that made me not to want to continue raiding. And raiding was all I loved in MoP.. Everything else was really bland for me.

    Also I like playing ESO and Wildstar a lot more. But these are WoW and Mage forums, so that will be it.

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    Depends if the current level 100 talents will stay the same. They seem to be extremely boring and pretty much useless in PvP and more or less a nuisance for PvE. Would also love to see level 90 talents reworked, but I heard they were already doing that?

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    Idk yet it depends on what gets changed with the talents and stuff. If I like the changes then yeah; I will probably stay on my mage as my main. But I kind of want to try new things out for the new xpac aka my Druid, shamy or Lock

    MAGE ||| MONK

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    I'm trying to narrow it down for WOD... as it stands now, if I go back to ranged, it will be a Warlock, but I'm hoping the WOD "re-design" (so to speak) will change that.

    My biggest issue with mages is that they haven't changed with the times. All 3 specs still feel very dated/bland, and the class is just to damn squishy in today's game where it's all about soloing/killing elites. Not just old content, even current content. Warbringers, Dino bones, Timeless Isle, Rares. Give a glyph to allow the Water Elemental to tank and I'll fall in love with the class again, but for now, I just can't get excited about having to "kite" anything I can't kill in 2-3 casts.

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