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    Optimal raid setup for WOD?

    What would you guys who actually played and raided at Beta think the optimal raid setup will be? (10man)
    Is there any classes/roles you just have to roll with in your 10man? Ofc it's hard to tell so early but still

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    10 mans in WoD are the equivalent of normal modes today. Raid comp doesn't matter beyond filling the roles.

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    anything that gives you all buffs. and not a to meleheavy comp (like always ). You want to be able to 3 heal some fights aswell.

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    2 tanks
    2 main healers
    1 swing healer
    3-7 range
    1-4 melee, one with a tanking offspec

    Yes that's more than 10. Everything below mythic flexes up to 30, and you can't do mythic with 10 people.

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    You'll likely stack hunters, as they can do full dps at range while moving. Many of the Mythic fights are looking to be absolutely insane movement-wise, I'm talking Siegecrafter heroic levels of insane.

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    Optimal? 2 tanks 3 healers and no melee. 1 tank and 1 healer need to be able to spec into dps. Oh, and no melee...

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    10 people playing all different classes and 10 of fotm of expansion like locks were in mop (and force at least 5 reamining dps of different classes to have fotm alts raid ready

    but more serious 2 tank 4-5 healers 2-max 3 melee (just for their tank oses in case main tanks are out for that week - and if they dont have good tank os get rid of them ) rest all range
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    But seriously, recruit at least 2 more people for your 10 man group.

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    Thinking Mythic raiding will consist of 2 tanks, 5 healers and 13 DPS which will most likely be 8 ranged and 5 melee. Many of the fights will rely much on moving as it looks right now, which would benefit hunters more than others.

    For 10 mans, or Flex, I'd say the raid composition likely won't change much.

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    There will be no such thing as optimal setup as Normal/Heroic are now flexible. Your 10man group can just add an extra ranged/melee/healer to become 11/12/13 whenever you want. You can go all the way up to 30. I believe you can even go down to 9.

    Mythic will likely be as Lemmiwink says probably worth having a melee with offtanking skills and a ranged with healing, So you can move to 3 tank or 6 Heals if needed.

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