View Poll Results: Which class would you like to see as the next class in WoW?

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  • Demon Hunter

    218 37.46%
  • Tinker

    157 26.98%
  • Bard

    92 15.81%
  • Necromancer/Acolyte/Necrolyte

    71 12.20%
  • Archmage/Battlemage

    52 8.93%
  • Blademaster/Gladiator

    29 4.98%
  • Dragonsworn

    77 13.23%
  • Ranger/Sentinel/Scout/Dark ranger

    80 13.75%
  • Spellbreaker

    63 10.82%
  • Spiritwalker

    17 2.92%
  • Technomage

    22 3.78%
  • Templar

    27 4.64%
  • Titanborn

    57 9.79%
  • Warden

    52 8.93%
  • Witch Doctor

    41 7.04%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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  1. #101
    Quote Originally Posted by TheWindWalker View Post
    You should really read a bit before quoting and complaining. I'm on the front page and, Internet sarcasm issues aside, that was clearly a joke.
    Sorry. Until they develop a sarcasm font, this embarrassing moment will happen from time to time.
    Looks like I will be flying in Draenor after all

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    Quote Originally Posted by Breccia View Post
    There is no historical precedent for bards in the World of Warcraft, but I'm voting for them anyway!
    I would not mind seeing a Bard class introduced. We already have a guitar in WoW

    Arcanite Ripper
    Looks like I will be flying in Draenor after all

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    The Patient Arberian's Avatar
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    Dec 2013
    Of course Demon Hunter is the Frist , Followed by The Tinker. Never doubted on that !!
    My youtube Channel : Arberian021
    WoW isn't all about new concepts or themes, it's about classic archetypes that fit the Holy Trinity gameplay style of Warcraft.
    Demon Hunter Class Idea
    "Where is the difference between Flash Heal and Flash of Light ?!Where is the difference between Conflagrate and Fire Blast ?!"

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    Brewmaster Warlord Booty's Avatar
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    Under your bed.
    Bard, because everything else is in the game.

  5. #105
    Demon Hunter ofc, but also with the next exp after WoD, Blizzard is removing the need to a gather loot as you will start all chars. at max lvl and max gear. Also they will removing whatever stats are left as there is no need for them with the new gear that is over 9000. But there will be good new for hardcore fans as Blizzard introduces a NEW race to the game also....THE DARK GNOME. yeah Blizzard will be lazy and like that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arberian View Post
    Of course Demon Hunter is the Frist , Followed by The Tinker. Never doubted on that !!
    Yeah, people really underestimate the popularity of the Tinker concept. It'll never be as popular as Demon Hunters, but it always polls really well, and consistently beats out some really strong competition.

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    High Overlord Ulmaz's Avatar
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    Where is nothing option?

  8. #108
    Titanborn, to me he sounds like the most differentiated class compared to the other ones listed I also love the Titans.

  9. #109
    Demon Hunter with no doubt. The most interesting of all potential Classes and Hero Classes. good time to introduce new weapon tyle: warglaives. maybe even profession: tattoo making. nothing can beat a demonical beast obliteratint everything in its path.

  10. #110
    Quote Originally Posted by Ulmaz View Post
    Where is nothing option?
    Found in another thread.
    Looks like I will be flying in Draenor after all

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    Moderator Blithe's Avatar
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    Demon Hunter
    Ranger/Sentinel/Scout/Dark ranger
    Witch Doctor

    The ones highlighted in red are arch-types we already have. Those that are orange-coloured we will never have and those that are green are possible but highly unlikely, though that being said, the next class will definitely wear mail and - most likely - have a tank, or healing specialization in addition to a melee and ranged damage specialization.

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    High Overlord Fyersing's Avatar
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    I opted for Dragonsworn, however, I'd be alright if their niche was filled solely by a Timewalker.

  13. #113
    No new classes. Too much balancing already.

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    Banned ViridianWRA's Avatar
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    I'm torn between Tinker and a class that essentially acts as a fusion of all the 'Glaive' classes from Warcraft III: Demon Hunter spec, Warden (tank) Spec and Spellbreaker spec.

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    Herald of the Titans Revi's Avatar
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    I'm convinced people voting Demon Hunter are mostly just wanting to look like Illidan. From all the suggested abilities and mechanics I've seen for it, it doesn't seem like it will bring any new and interesting gameplay, at all.

    Tinkerer sounds a lot more unique, instead of just a cross between already existing classes

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    Epic! schwank05's Avatar
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    I would love to see a Bard or any Full on Support class. Im talking a class that throws out heals and re gens resources as well as buffs damage/ healing to group members. All while weaving between a healer and a dps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revi View Post
    I'm convinced people voting Demon Hunter are mostly just wanting to look like Illidan.
    Whenever I think Demonhunter, I think of this:

    Looks like I will be flying in Draenor after all

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    4th spec option
    We need it

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    High Overlord Cafua's Avatar
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    So in terms of balance I think numbers do matter. There are currently in the game: 5 tanks, 5 healers, 11 melee dps, 9 magic dps and then hunters are just "ranged".

    IMO I do think if they add another class it should go with what would make sense. I mail wearing pure DPS class. 1st spec would be ranged physical dmg like hunter, 2nd would be ranged magic dmg, and the 3rd would be a new combo- melee magic dmg. idk how they would do this but it would be sweet. kinda like enhance shamans i guess now that im thinking about it more.

    Monk Shaman

    I had a bowl of nails for breakfast......without any milk.

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    I want to see something like rifts nightblade.

    I was a rogue that uses magic attacks and melee combat. Something like shadow/arcane/fire magic,

    Won't happen of course, but its fun to imagine a cloth based melee class using "any" daggers. Pretty much like if a mage and a rogue who had a threesome with a warlock who popped out a nightblade...

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