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    Paladin WoD General Discussion

    What do you think about the updates being made to paladins? I honestly don't think that it's too much of a prune for Retribution and Protection Paladins, but Holy Paladins will be played completely different in the future, I believe. At the moment I am playing Retribution Paladin, which I am very happy with currently. But I mean, I don't think that these changes will bring more Paladins to the Holy spec, which is sad. I may go back to Holy in the future if my guild would allow it. I don't have too much experience with Protection, so I won't talk about that.

    Ability Pruning
    Avenging Wrath is now only available to Retribution Paladins.
    Devotion Aura is no longer available to Protection Paladins.
    Divine Light has been renamed Holy Light.
    Divine Plea has been removed. Mana costs for Paladins have been adjusted accordingly.
    Guardian of Ancient Kings is now only available to Protection Paladins.
    Hand of Salvation has been removed.
    Holy Light has been removed.
    Inquisition has been removed.

    Removed CCs
    Blinding Light has been removed.
    Repentance's cast time has been increased to 1.8 seconds.
    Turn Evil's cast time has been increased to 1.8 seconds and now has a 6 second duration in PvP (down from 8 seconds).

    Eternal Flame now has a 1.5-second cast time (up from instant cast) for Holy Paladins.
    Light of Dawn now has a 1.5-second cast time (up from instant cast).
    Word of Glory now has a 1.5-second cast time (up from instant cast).
    Guarded by the Light (Protection) now also makes Word of Glory and Eternal Flame instant cast.
    Sword of Light (Retribution) now also makes Word of Glory and Eternal Flame instant cast.

    Mastery: Divine Bulwark now also passively increases Attack Power by 12% (percentage increased by Mastery), in addition to its current effects.
    Divine Favor now also increases all of the Paladin’s healing by 100% for its duration.
    Denounce's range has increased to 40 yards (up from 30 yards).
    Hammer of the Righteous now deals 50% Physical weapon damage (up from 15%) to the primary target, but the primary target is no longer hit with the Holy damage.
    Seals no longer cost any mana.
    Stay of Execution (the Holy version of Execution Sentence) now deals its healing in a large burst at first, and then decreasing over time (reversed from before).
    Eternal Flame now deals 100% of the direct healing of Word of Glory (up from 70%), but only 50% as much periodic healing as before. Additionally, Bastion of Glory no longer affects the periodic healing.

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    When starting new threads, please make sure to look for already open threads that cover your topic.

    In this case, a general Warlords of Draenor thread already exists, along with specific threads for Holy, Protection, and Retribution.


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