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    It would be a quality of life change, for sure. Personally, I could care less... I've gotten used to it and while I'm on the taxi I find myself either tabbing out and checking websites, running to grab a drink or just looking at the scenery. It really makes no difference to me but it does give me a quick break.

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    I loved the traveling in ESO.
    Points in world which you can port between and a possibility to "hearthstone" to any of these for a price. Price gets multiplied after you port but comes down as time passes, usually the starting price when you need to port again.

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    I voted yes for this system íf they remove flying from WoD altogether. I wouldn't mind teleporting to any zone + use a groundmount. Any flying mounts would be used in the old country/expansions still.

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    Yes, and if you don't favor such a system I hope you're on an RP server otherwise you're a hypocrite.

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    Please god no, I was just starting to enjoy the concept of actually travelling through the world again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrgummage View Post
    Please god no, I was just starting to enjoy the concept of actually travelling through the world again!
    it would still be the same traveling, except you don't have to wait minutes for flight paths.

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    Would love to see something like runestones ala Ultima Online. I pay to play...not travel. Some is fine...but much of it is tedious.

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    we already have a mix of taxi, mounts and teleportation abilities which are class, item (like the time isle teleport, engineering items, tourney tabard).

    plus there are the 8 hour CD Challenge mode teleports, which pretty much let you go anywhere on the continent.

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    Players already complain about the 'lack of content'. Instant travel will already make that even worse. You have your hearthstone, your engineering, your portals and quest items/rewards/vendor.. That is it, shouldn't be more, feed your horse or refuel your hog/chopper.

    Unless you mean a 24 hr cooldown on instant travel, a delayed HS? Then maybe, else, NO!
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    i voted other, because imo it would only be acceptable if flying is in ....

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    If we don't have flightpaths, when am I supposed to go grab a drink?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pebrocks The Warlock View Post
    I don't like flying because it's fast or convenient. I like it because of the view I get of the landscape. Land mounts don't capture it right.
    Yeah it's so much fun to fly over Felwood. Wish I'd never seen the damn thing from above.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grexly75 View Post
    Trouble is then everyone would be screaming that they ripped off an idea from GW2.. But in all fairness taxi birds are fine they have been fine for the last 10 or so years..
    It works in GW2 because you actually have a good reason to explore and go out in the world and there are no mounts, I guess. Imagine forcing players to walk around without mounts in WoW, they would go crazy.

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    So basically cata all over?....

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    yep the gw2 system is different. they don't have a mount system, you walk, there is a number of incentives to explore everything and the teleportation costs a good sum of money per distance (at a rate not insignificant for many).
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    Instant travel between old major cities but flight paths required beyond that. Instant travel would be stupid to have throughout the entire game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ashrael View Post
    it would still be the same traveling, except you don't have to wait minutes for flight paths.
    Well the quote that the no flight whiners always use is: "you dont have to use flying mounts if you dont want to"

    This would go right back to them: "You dont have to use the instant travel system if you dont want to" You can stick to traveling by ground if you choose to every zone in the world.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chosenkiwi View Post
    So basically cata all over?....
    No. If you are in a particular zone, you can go to the travel node (like a flight path), and insta port to another discovered travel node. Completely different than portals to zones in the main city.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jaylock View Post
    No-flying makes for a better game. Thats a fact.

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    No. Give me flying back. Yes, I have taxis... but I can't control them and go wherever I want which is what I do when flying. instant travel has all of the downsides of flying and none of the upsides, especially if it just goes to wherever flight paths go to.

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    No. I like watching the world as a fly. And come on, it takes a few minutes. If that is what tips over your schule you should be doing something else
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    "Most want it" and "Most are in favor" = I'd really love to see the proof of that. I have seen tons of posts and tons of anger against it as well as a lot of people wanting flying removed.

    And no, instant travel is not even half as engaging as flying and seeing the world that way. Flying enables me to explore more, it doesn't discourage me from exploring no matter how much the anti-flying people try to speak for me.

    My collection of mounts
    WoW without flying is like having a pizza you know that you enjoy but then have someone treating you like a moron and telling you that "No, you won't enjoy THESE particular toppings for reasons WE made up". And some people are dumb enough to accept being told what to like.

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