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    Help our Destro Lock!

    Hey Warlock community, we're currently progressing on Heroic 10 Garrosh and it feels to me like our Destro Warlock isn't really pulling the numbers he should be doing at our current gear levels. He is baiting weapons so I have that in mind but any tips/criticisms I could bring to his attention would be very helpful!

    Here are some logs from the past few nights:

    Thanks again guys, Cheers!
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    I was all ready to come in to this thread when I saw "Garrosh" and "Destro" and try to defend him saying "maybe he's not like all the other scumbag warlocks padding the adds"

    ... then I looked at the logs at boss damage.

    Christ, he's being beaten by everyone, hell it looks like the Resto Shamans catching up to him. He's not even excelling on weapon damage.

    I think this will probably need to be a "back to basics" thread about Destro Rotation.

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    I donno, I didn't look too much into details but biggest thing I see is inconsistency, Does not look to be performing bad per say but room for improvement for sure. Biggest thing is to chop the fight up into parts for the various DPS checks. You look to be progressing in pushing phase 4, so while I can look at logs and say they can do better opening burst or improve between 1st and 2nd heart transition portion of the fight, you are already skipping second iron star and once you've AFK'ed 2nd heart and pushed phase 3, what they did prior really doesn't matter or require fixing per say unless your group is not consistently making these DPS checks (Beating Ironstar/Wolfrider, sub 20% before 2nd transition, beating second Empowered whirling before transitioning to p3, beating second whirl transitioning to P4)

    His phase 1 seems fairly stable attempt to attempt with around 25m Boss dmg average. Keep in mind you have him doing Eng while everybody else is going ham with procs.

    1st heart - 2nd Heart looks to have the most variation, sometimes he is last others he is mid pack. Running in/out for desecrate can have RNG impact by not being able to dump embers on procs but should be able to tighten this phase and push more.

    They are using Glyphed Havoc, which will have an impact on ember generation during the core of the fight (Heart1-Heart2). 4pT16 Havoc Immolates/conflags on Desecrated weapons fuels a ton of embers, as does dropping RoF before all MC's(looks like already doing RoF). Outside of the Glyph giving less charges, they just are not using it frequently. There is a 10 min fight where its used 3 times. With the glyph that's over 40 free ember generators he could have cast, a difference of minimal 4 CB's not countin crits, even more when you are actively snapshotting the 4p buff. Caveat, his 1st Heart strat is likely modeled around the glyph which is fine, so changing to no glyphed may not be viable without causing transition learning curve again, but more frequent use of Havoc should be a focus, especially during that main dps chunk.

    His Garrosh dmg seems to be lower on average during portions of the fight that have Emp Whirling Corruptions which may imply they are slow dealing with their add and getting back to boss. If boss is sub 20% (which should be most times with your Rdps) a Havoc on your spawned add and 2 shadowburns into garrosh make fast work of your add, allowing you to get back on boss or support others with their adds quicker.

    TBH, DPS does not look to be an issue for your group, even if you wish your lock to pull a bit more. I would not worry about calling them out unless there is a specific area of the fight you feel they need to do better on that is holding the group back, that we can micro analyze.
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