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    question regarding bonus loot across all tiers in MoP

    Currently i'm using the Elder Charms in LFR to get some easy sha crystals but someone came to my mind recently. Does the bonus roll protection work across all tiers in this expansion or does it only work for current content?

    For example if i have failed to get any sort of loot for 5 weeks straight in HC SOO with seals. Then i go to T14 LFR and roll there which always gives you loot. Will i lose the bonus protection i have in HC SOO?

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    I think so.

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    The bonus roll protection is per tier, so using 2x in soo will give 3rd a higer chance in soo, but not for gold charms for msv. Not sure how is it about difficulty tho, if hc and lfr share same bonus roll protection

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    No, the loot bonus chances are not linked between the 3 different Coin types. Rolling 5 times gold in MSV will not give you better chance in your SoO main run for items.

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