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    edit: got one
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    I'd love an EU pass to try out the game!

    It'd be greatly appreciated. I really want to try out the game but I don't feel right sinking the money into it right now as I'm off travelling again very soon!

    Thanks chaps!
    pencil is cool

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    Would love a NA pass if anyone has an available one.

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    I would also be really grateful for a EU pass to try the game out and to see whether it's worth buying. Thanks!

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    I do not have enough posts to send PMs to regular members yet, but I would like to thank Amberdawn for sending me a pass! /bow

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    Requesting NA guest pass please, thanks!

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    would love to get a eu key.

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    Bravely bold Sir Robin
    Rode forth from Camelot
    And gave me a Wildstar code!
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    I mourn the loss of a man of true vision and talent. You were my idol, Mr. Giger.
    You gave faces to my dreams and nightmares and sparked my imagination throughout my entire life. You will be missed.

    Hans Rudolf Giger
    2/5/1940 - 5/12/2014

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    Would like to try in EU as well. Thank you!

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    Requesting an NA guest pass. Want to see how it runs on my computer before deciding if I should buy. I've heard that performance can be kind of weird even if you meet the recommended specs

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    The Guest passes seem to be bugged...partly at least!

    All my Keys were full versions, and that is no joke, screenshots will follow soon! My friends are happy xD

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    Requesting an NA pass. Would be super cool to get in, really looking forward to trying the game!

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    Sorry posted in other thread, would love a US passcode thanks

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    I would also love a NA guest pass if anyone would be so kind. Thank you very much internet.

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    If someone has a NA guest pass that would be awesome. Thanks.

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    Would love to have an EU pass if some kind soul has one free!

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    Would love an EU pass.


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    Wouldn't you like to know
    I would love an EU guest pass I really want to check and try the game out before I consider buying.

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    Same here, always no beta club! EU would be much apprecieated!

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    if someone got a spare guest pass for eu i would love to get one. never got to test beta

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