View Poll Results: Which class has the most epic tier sets?

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  • Warlock

    79 43.17%
  • Priest

    11 6.01%
  • Mage

    0 0%
  • Druid

    6 3.28%
  • Monk

    2 1.09%
  • Rogue

    6 3.28%
  • Hunter

    3 1.64%
  • Shaman

    8 4.37%
  • Paladin

    29 15.85%
  • Death Knight

    10 5.46%
  • Warrior

    29 15.85%
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    Warlocks have the best tier sets overall, and priests are second. None of the MoP priest sets were any good, they were all so bland and looked like cheap arena gear, but then they have so many great sets like 5, 6, 8, 11, and especially 13 that it makes up for MoP's boring priest sets. Most classes have pretty good tier sets though, the only ones that usually don't are hunters and rogues, and an honorable mention to monks whose few tier sets are all pretty boring

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    in your mind
    am i the only one who really like the nature based druid sets ? T15 was really cool
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    paladin,priest and lock

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    Warlock, for cloth and overall. Don't like anything else from the cloth wearers.
    Toss up for plate for me, I've really liked some Warrior and DK sets, Paladin sets aren't my thing, though Judgement was nice, but that was like 8 years ago.
    Shaman a slight edge over Hunter.
    Rogue has the best leather sets, both Druids (a couple of the Arena sets have been OK) and Monks generally are pretty blah in my eyes.

    I play Druid, by the way. But generally transmog into recolored rogue sets.
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    as a warlock player, yes locks have a few good sets. t5/merc, t7, t8 (the best), t2, and the cata pvp sets.

    but warriors have such a better collection of good looking tiers and pvp sets. also a lot of misc plate gear looks good. i voted for warrior. warrior tier is just consistently great looking. t1,t3,t5,t6,t7,t10,t12,t13, s2,s3,wrathful, all of cata seasons.

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    I absolutely love the paladin tiers for the most part. But I can tell you that the majority of people will say Warlock just because of some of the awesome visual effects they've gotten over the years

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    Paladin: Judgement was the best looking (but sadly overused now) and Grand Marshal was also awesome.

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    There are about 3 Warlocks Sets I actually like, there are about 5-7 Paladin Sets though.

    granted, I do play a paladin, but that doesn't mean I don't like other classes and the sets they can get.
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    I think the Monk tiers (even tho few) had a very good start? I really like the Tier 14, 15 and even 16 (Gold) .. since the robe kinda makes you look like Emperor Shaohao

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    Hands down Locks, T1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10. All amazing.

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    Locks have a lot of really good sets (I'm a huge fan of T5), but Warriors usually always impress me. Anytime there's a new tier, I'm usually disappointed by the PLD design and impressed by the WAR. So jelly!
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    warlocks hands down.

    except the the thunder king raid, it was my first warlock tier that i didnt like = (

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    Warlock.. They are probably the only class that has more good than bad sets.
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    Warlock generally is considered the best because they have several Iconic sets ( TBC sets were awesome for them) and very few just horrible ones. Priest would probably be right in behind them as they have lots of good sets, but fewer iconic ones. Warriors overall would be the best plate sets, but Paladin gets a ton of talk because those good tiers they do have are amazingly good. After that though things fall off pretty sharply imo.

    Can't believe someone actually voted for Hunter, who have the worst sets top to bottom. Actually I wouldn't even say they are bad, they just aren't special in any way shape or form. Shaman and Druid only beat them out because they do at least have a couple of really nice sets.

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    Mage sets have been stepping it up lately, but still going with the lock.
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    Warlock IMO. Their T4/T5/T6/S3 and T8 are some of the best sets in the game.
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    Every class has sets I like and sets I don't like but Warlock has been the most consistently awesome class for tier sets throughout the life of the game.
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    Warlocks rarely have bad sets. After them I'd say its Warrior, DKs, Paladins and then Hunters in that order.

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    As a hunter I wish they'd make more sets like our CM one...more beasts on them and a connection to tracking and such! No IDEA what the t16 has to do with hunters...firin' ma lazor?
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    Warrior. IMO all tiers, even TotC ones, look just great on the dude that's making his living by smashing people with an axe. Only ToT and SoO, maybeee Ulduar as well, I'd call mediocre. Plus first mythic set for warriors is a masterpiece.

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