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    Well, I can appreciate the effort. At least this one tried to find something to bitch and complain about that isn't the exact duplicate of 150 other simultaneously opened threads. 2/10 for originality
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    I liked the atmosphere of the old site but was too cluttered, the new site is more lean and simple.
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    yeah the old site was neatly arrenged, the new one is a chaotic mess
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    One of those decisions they took while back, together with cutting staff - the they let partner/fan sites do a lot of the content that was previously on the WoW site.
    So what we have left are the essential services.. It's a good thing, concentrate on game making, not website building..

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    Fixed site W.T.F.

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    Still hilarious that he thinks people quit because of it; probably a troll statement XD

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    It is almost like Blizzard saw the 20 fan sites, wikias etc. and thought to themselves, "well these people are doing our job for free, might as well just change our site to a store and save money". Just an idea that might be why they changed it to what it is now.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azarak View Post
    Still hilarious that he thinks people quit because of it; probably a troll statement XD
    learn to read or keep donking around

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    Since you mentioned your opinion, let me mention mine - the new site is a million times better in every aspect possible.

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    The only thing I miss from the old site is being able to see how the tiers looked on every race and gender.

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    New site is simpler and has less clutter. Makes it easier on the eyes. I like it this way.
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    Uhhh... honestly i like the new site far more. It's easier to navigate the design is better and I honestly never look for any news on their sites.

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    i bet they lost huge amount of players just because of their shitty integration
    Are you talking about new players or existing players? Either way, what type of mong would stop playing this game because of that? I like the new site, it's pretty awesome. I don't like the Armory , it could be loads better than what it currently is.

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    I used to love the old WoW site back in the day, I haven't went to it much since Cataclysm, I still pop in for a fair few but my god did that screenshot bring back loads of nostalgia. Miss the older forums though, some classic threads started back then...
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