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    First time raiding mythic as BrM, killed Krosus for the first time as a guild (a few learning attempts at spellblade) But is there anything i could fix rotation/gear/etc. The only other legend i have is Firestone Walkers boots. Thanks !

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    Hi, posting this for a mate.

    Armory: Armory link
    Spec: Mistweaver
    Combat Log Parse (WoL/WCL):
    & For full raid report.

    I am struggling keeping up with our 2 druids. I am simply not pushing enough HPS in our raids. Can one of you help me suggest what i should do better? I of course need to have the full AP features, which i just got. Help of any sort is highly welcomed.


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    Armory: [link][/link]
    Spec: Windwalker.
    Legendary options: Anything but the boots, prydaz, and march.
    Don't have logs to hand, as I'm pugging most of the time atm; previous non-pug runs were from before I changed my Serenity rotation, and to Xuen.

    I need some help with Elisande and gul'dan, both HC, if possible; on fights like Star augur I'm pulling ~610-620k, which is around 90% percentile based on ilev. This tanks dramatically to around 450k on Elisande and Gul'dan; I presume that the huge amounts of movement on elisande are what's getting me, and as for gul'dan, I guess I'm not using the extra action button right or something, though buggering off to the other side of the platform doesn't help, either.

    Changes I'm making for these fights specifically:
    Elisande only: Drop HC for Xuen, because it drops a lot with the movement and phase transitions.
    Gul'dan and Elisande: Drop chest for an 895, one ring for sephuz, eye for 880 arcanogolem. Sephuz' uptime is only around 5-10%, though, particularly low on gul'dan, so possibly should swap that out. As I don't have boots, I presume belt would be best? I can't go for the cloak without dropping 4pc. Oh, and I'm dropping healing elixirs for dampen harm.

    I can avoid the mechanics absolutely flipping fine in 90% of the cases (only one I have issues with is the beam in Gul'dan P1, and the odd corner case of getting boxed in by the first set of rings as the second come in on elis). I'm pugging, because I'm trying frantically to get multiple kills per week to coin, but I'm doing so abysmally that I'm getting kicked from pugs on gul'dan; after everyone fails mechanics like soaking, they point at my low DPS. So, some general help needed. Is there a problem with Serenity on Gul'dan/Elis? I'm running it because it's usually a DPS increase, and often enough stuff's not tanked for great cleaving opportunities, so it feels like a ST. On rings, I run out, drop trans, run back into the centre, avoiding lingering rings, and trans back out, past the outer rings.This ends up being a huge downtime whilst I don't touch the boss whatsoever, which is what I guess is killing my DPS? There's something major going wrong, though, for such a drop in DPS. is convergence actually pretty useless due to the downtime? My next best is a (wait for it...) 895 frond, followed by 885 haste stat stick.

    Other issues I have: Managing to stack MotC high enough, quickly enough, to make serenity worth it on fights like Tich. Got to switch back to SEF for that one, because by the time I've tagged a bunch, it's far too late in the phase.

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