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    I have a question: is it better to have T19 2/4 and T20 2/4 or wait for T20 4/4 before switching completly?
    I simmed myself ilvl ~912-915, and T19x2 and T20x2 was stronger than T19x4.

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    Worstplayer aka Perfecto didnt play Outlaw on KJ. He definitely played Sub and logged out as Outlaw to troll people. I agree, Sub is performing better without any doubt, but still, it is dependent on which legendaries u got and how far you are invested in either spec. If you have best in slot legendaries as sin, it wouldnt make any sense to switch to Sub if you dont have best in slot leggos in that spec. It is not like Sub is overperforming. I have no idea when you quit playing so i dunno about your legendaries and how invested you are but playing Sin wouldn't hurt you too bad. If you start from scratch then go for Sub. But Sub is not as easy to master as Sin.

    Icy-veins is still ok and Riff sums up a lot in his guide: https://riff.tf/guide/assassination/

    For openers you could check another thread here, where it has been already discussed. Otherwise just use TB on cooldown, that's it.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Sub or Sin, it doesnt matter. Sub was pretty much dependent on boots before patch to get a smooth rotation going but it has changed. To compete amongst the best you will need two best in slot legendaries in either spec for any class. To play at a decent level you need two decent dps legendaries and it doesnt matter in which spec you get them. Sub is the best spec at the moment but not easy to master. Sin performs pretty good as well and is easier to learn. But, you want shoulders in any spec, this is our best in slot legendary in every spec.

    BiS Sub: Shoulders + Bracers
    Also playable: Shoulders + both legendary rings / hands / trinket / belt

    BiS Sin: Shoulders + boots before T20 4P, Shoulders + Bracers with 4P T20
    Also playable: Shoulders + both rings / head / belt / trinket

    Thus any combination of shoulders + random dps legendaries will be okay or two dps legendaries but be aware, you wont be able to compete without having two best in slot legendaries, especially shoulders have a big impact. The only rogue spec which is very dependent on a legendary to achieve good performance at single target, is Outlaw with the rtb build. You really want to have bracers, but Outlaw is not competetive with the other specs at the Moment so i wouldnt even consider it.
    yeah i was realy lucky some time ago.
    After i got my boots/bracer/shoulder for sin i switched to sub and the first one was the bracers.

    But i dont get the spec.. feels pretty weird and hard to learn.

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    Anyone has a good link for a guide on assas rotation.. havent played rogue in a while

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    Anyone has a good link for a guide on assas rotation.. havent played rogue in a while
    @Notter and @tumna made actually nice Guide for Assassination rogues (7.2.5), check it out there:


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    how accurate are the simcraft sims for the legendary shoulders? Does simcraft change the rotation with shoulders on?

    Because im siming the same with 4p-2p boots/bracers as with shoulders. If the sims are pretty accurate i would switch to boots/bracer.

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