Hi there, friend and I are currently looking for a guild for NH and ToS progression. We both have AOTC 10/10H in Nighthold, and left our last guild due to a disagreement about if we should move into mythic raiding (they didn't want to). We are looking more for a guild with a good group of people both skill and personality wise, rather than a guild that is just looking to blow through progression with little to no regard for creating an enjoyable raid environment. We also aren't looking to fill bench spots, so please, core need or no thanks.

-About Us-

R.Druid - 901 ilvl - Armory/Logs available upon request. Has been playing WoW competitively since Burning Crusade

Havoc DH - 900 ilvl - Armory/Logs available upon request. Has been playing WoW in top 100 US guilds since WotLK. Also have this mage that is available if needed, just needs some love and carries

We both come prepared to every raid night with flask/food/pots.

-What are we looking for?-

3/10M at most, not interested in being carried into a guild that's already heavily progressed. Start up guilds are ok with us as long as there is viable proof of growth, raiding plans, and strong leadership.


PVE SERVERS ONLY PLEASE. (Higher Pop Preferred)

We can raid anytime/day after 9pm EST with raids ending no later than 1am EST. (Times are extremely inflexible. Raids starting earlier or ending laterwill be ignored.)

-How to get in touch with us-

Add my btag - BrandNew#11202 - and/or post on this thread. I will be checking this frequently. Thanks

- - - Updated - - -

bump up, still actively searching