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    Quote Originally Posted by Aryah View Post
    This is actually a fantastic idea.
    hueh hueh, maybe blizzard will read it and say no! It must take as long as possible!

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    Quote Originally Posted by G3istly View Post
    I would love nothing more than to see someone like you walk up to a stranger and tell them about your Prestige level in World of Warcraft and see how much they care. Better yet, go ahead and make a post here and see how many are concerned about it. I guarantee you won't get many if any patting you on the back.

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    If we had to grind half as much to get full PvP gear as we do for full Prestige then absolutely.
    Where was I bragging? I was stating a fact as to how easy it is to gain prestige with barely doing anything close to considered as a grind or being "the longest thing to do in WoW ever" as some people have pointed out.
    You did have to grind as much as you do in Legion if you wanted the best PVP gear, or unless you're an absolutely amazing pvp'er. Getting the intro PVP gear prior to Legion was never hard, getting the best gear required skill and time.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Feederino Senpai View Post
    Why do people care about achievements? Why do people care about pets? Why do people care about doing Mythic raiding? Why do people care about leveling?

    Perhaps it is very simple - because they enjoy it.
    Well, I would assume they enjoy the journey of them.
    - Achievements in themselves would be useless if they weren't a journey or somewhat difficult to "achieve"
    - Pets and their battles are also something you have to progress through. Would people care as much about pet battles if they simply received every single battle pet in rare & lvl 25 as soon as they collected one of them?
    - Mythic Raiding would be absolutely no fun and not enjoyable if you went in and one-shot every single boss right from the bat. You have to work towards it by progressing through boss encounters.

    It is very difficult for me to understand this attitude of "I want everything now without putting any effort into it because ... well because I want it". Don't you guys think like 2 meters ahead and realize that if you got that, then the game would be basically over immediately?

    Maybe I'm old-fashioned, but I'm a firm believer in "If you want something, work for it".

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