So I am kinda new to VuhDo but I've setup a decent profile by editing an existing profile. Now I see Debuff Icons on the top right corner of every player. On default its set to "Removeable Only" checked, like so:

However, a problem with this is that I lose valuable debuff information, such as the Flamewreath Debuff on Shade of Medivh where the players affected by it require heavy healing. It doesnt show that icon cuz its not removeable.

So what I did was uncheck "Removeable Only", which resulted in EVERY debuff being shown even tho everything on the left side was checked (as can be seen in the picture). Is it bugged? Or am I missing something? How can I cause VuhDo to only show damaging debuff (dots) and removeable debuffs? And why do I see "Removeable Only" twice, both on the left side and right side? The options on the right side seem to completely ignore the options on the left side