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    How would I go about updating FreeUI for personal use?

    I really, really miss this ui as it made WoW so much more enjoyable.

    ElvUI is great and all, but everything I seem to make is pretty much based off of FreeUI anyway.

    I am NOT great with Lua WHATSOEVER, anything I have done with it I had a guide to go off of so keep that in mind.

    Please and thanks

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    More than likely you would need to install the addon and then post the errors and try to get help from people to fix the issue. This could end up being a lengthy process depending how old the addon is and how many changes in code has happened up until the most recent patch.

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    Keep in mind the author specifically did not want any continuations or fan updates, along with the addon being marked as "all rights reserved", so while you could fix your own install and/or get help with specific parts, you cannot rehost it or get someone else to fix and rehost it.


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    this thread is a waste of internet

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    I'd suggest actually learning LUA coding. Because any patch that comes out will likely break SOMETHING, and then you won't have to come running to a forum to get someone else to fix it.

    Or just re-create it with Elv/Something else that gets updated

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