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    Re: how are holy pallys supposed to heal now?

    It`s no secret that flashheal type heals have always been less efficent that big heals.

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    Re: how are holy pallys supposed to heal now?

    Euhm, you know that up untill now, FoL was the only short-time heal that was more efficient then the slow heal of the same class right? short heals are usually the best HPS, while slow heals are better HPM. Unless you're a Shaman, then CH > HW > LHW in both cases.

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    Re: how are holy pallys supposed to heal now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Krekko
    Welcome to the new age of LOLholy!
    ... I dunno I kinda depends on how you look at it.

    I think there is a real argument to be made that now paladins will be even more valuable in a raid. This is a guess on my part but with the new hand spells, bubble, and holy shock changes Blizz is trying to push us into more of a utility healer role. Meaning It might be more important to toss sacred shield, hand of sacrifice and holy shock in a pinch then spamming FoL or /stopcasting HL on the main tank a whole fight. I think if done right this will make our class unique and fun. Maybe someone will even come out with a new meter that calculates damage avoided so priests and druids wont spamm meters and say we suck.

    Also, I would like to point out the value of the new Judgement of Light. If kept up This can be a great aoe hot. Mostly doe to it scaling with AP and tanks using more strength now. If you want to run numbers on something. how much AP/SP does an average tank have? Whats 18% of that? How fast does the average tank Swing? Now how does JoL compare to Rejuve?? My guess is Blizzard would want those numbers to look similar.
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    Re: how are holy pallys supposed to heal now?

    Quote Originally Posted by Eucep
    Are you sure you are now noting down the coefficiency of spellpower or of +heal? Since those numbers seem VERY low for it.
    Im sorry this is off topic but you're avatar is The King of Jurai. ^-^
    hahaha. tenchi rocks.

    Hmm. Idk much about holy pallies. I just think they could use a hot that doesn't involve an indirect proc. Maybe an instant cast hot thats on a cooldown?
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    Re: how are holy pallys supposed to heal now?

    How do I heal? I can't spam flash of light anymore?

    If you were spamming flash of light in the first place, you're a terrible, horrible, HORRIBLE, player. Rephrase your question to ask, "What class should I re-roll that's easier?"

    My guess would be hunter.

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