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    Destro Lock Pet

    I've been looking at some of the top arena 3s and noticed that they don't have points in improved succubus. What pet are destro locks using in arenas now?

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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    if not succy i think fellhunter

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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    I thought it was Booty Bay goblins

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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    Destro lock comps are about burst, burst dont need succu since its more defensive than offensive.
    They most likly use felhunter cos it can be used offensivly to a higher degree than succubus.

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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    I use a Succy in 2s cause I need the survivability and a Felpup in 3s and 5s cause anything else is a major gimp to getting a kill.

    Although Fel Dom a Voidy when you're about to die is nice when you just need that extra 2 secs to kill the annoying warrior who's on you

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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    I remember seeing one or two rogue warlock that lock use sub

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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    If you are running double DPS then succubus would be OP to use. If you're running with a healer then felhunter is probably the way to go. Succubus/seduction is not as good for longer matches as felhunter's silence and devour magic. However, it is quite OP for double dps comps and short matches, it puts a person out and keeps them CCed as long as a sheep would except that it doesn't require you to cast anything.
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    Re: Destro Lock Pet

    ...well pppl didnt realise the OP said he was doing 3's...

    Im not a lock but id guess use succubus for 2s and felhunter for 3s. Unless of course your partner doesnt do any aoe at all. Most of the comps these days have a aoe class which would break the secuction, thus why the felhunter would be more viable depending on class makeup usually. But also remember a well timed silence is just as effective if not more so.

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