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    Remember how negative people were about Garrisons?

    Well, I love them.

    My only gripe is I have almost upgraded all my Followers to Epic now

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    Yea, the garrison feature is definitely one of the bigger surprises for me from WoD. Garrisons are far more involved and enjoyable than I had expected. But then again so is most of WoD. One of those rares moments when a game actually meets, and then exceeds my expectations. Kudos to Blizzard!

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    I've been loving them, too. Something awesome about having my own customizable city that is very alluring.

    Probably all those hours playing Simcity, SC2K, SC3 and so on

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    I enjoyed the garrisons a lot at launch but I am bored of them now. It may not be the problem of the garrisons themselves but rather mine since I got burned out a few weeks after the launch. Sad to think I will unsubscribe without even going in the raid content. :/

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    yep, they're a waste of time - and not even account wide it's really lame :/

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    People were just upset over content drought of SoO and needed something to vent about. I think once people got to actually try them most either liked or at least didn't hate them as horrifically as they thought they would.

    The one complaint that always made me chuckle were people complaining they were "forced" to garrisons, like it was going to be this huge burden. Like when they wanted to make a building they had to lay the bricks one at a time themselves, or had to go through lists of npc resumes and conduct hiring interviews.

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    They're fun for now. It won't last for me once I upgrade all my buildings to tier 3 and then ask 'now what?'
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    I recall most people being excited; it's just the grumpy ones that are louder. I'm enjoying them, but doing the mining is such a chore. Also kinda sad there isn't a large guild-scale one for members to hang out in, that everyone can contribute resources to to build up big and tonk. That'd be fun for me.

    Still sad there are no model variants for the buildings, and it's all human/orc themed. I can understand their business mentality for it, though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mithan View Post
    Remember how negative people were about Garrisons?
    You mean the like, 5 overly-vocal people bitching on 3rd party forums?

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    I wasn't sure what to feel/expect abou them, but while they turned out similar to what I imagined, I'm enjoying them more than I expected.

    It's been more enjoyable than just dailies, so far, but I think they should really stop with the pendulum swings.

    Quote Originally Posted by xindralol View Post
    yep, they're a waste of time - and not even account wide it's really lame :/
    Isn't that the whole point of the game? =P

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    I hate them. Slow, tedious non-gameplay, and so lonely. Everyone's just standing in their garrisons all day.

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    I don't remember ppl were negative against Garrison, it is one of most positive points of this exp...
    And I didn't buy it yet because of no flying
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    I guess I'm the only one that find them incredibly pointless and annoying. Actually, I'm finding this entire expansion annoying.

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    What's really sad tho, is the fact that it probably wont carry over to next expension.... So we'll effectively lose our "housing" and comeback to rich hobo status, living in front of fountain in SW.

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    yea, i thought it was gonna be another ignored feature by me >.>
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    Garrisons have been amazing.
    Love em!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ishoj View Post
    I hate them. Slow, tedious non-gameplay, and so lonely. Everyone's just standing in their garrisons all day.
    I agree 100%. This will be looked back upon by Blizzard as a failure for removing even more of the social aspect than LFD/LFR IMO. Really hate garrisons.

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    They're okay. It feels kind of dead though, spending most of your time in a place that there are no other players.

    Also, I feel like they should have been slightly more account wide than they are (currently the only thing account wide pretty much is access to level 3 blueprints). I'm already a little overwhelmed managing 2 garrisons - the thought of a 2nd alt and 3rd garrison is a little off putting. I realize that I don't really need to do all of them every day, but I'll still feel like I do anyway and probably get burnt out faster.

    Like maybe something like... you can only gather herbs/mine once a day per account in any garrison, and the materials scale based on how many other mines/gardens you have on the account and their level. That would help a bit I think.

    And redoing followers on an alt feels a bit punishing atm too. Perhaps make blue/epic ones slightly more common for each level 3 garrison you have on the account, so that you still have to do some work in leveling them up to 100 and boosting ilvl, but the common->rare->epic grind is lessened. My first alt got very unlucky with the rares/epics.
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    Actually acquiring followers and defending against invasions are the most entertaining aspects of garrisons, as is the decision process for buildings themselves.


    Follower missions: This is a social media sidebar game baked into a subscription fee MMO. Completely single player, rather non-interactive in terms of success / failure. The gold cost for re-enabling a follower PLUS a daily cd on it is silly.

    Fishing Shack: I'm still not sure what the point of this is, or what real advantage there is in going through the process of landing Nat (and starting an even bigger grind) unless you absolutely positively must have that mount. Maybe it will be advantageous in TJ the same way the other one was in TI.

    War Bunker: the free roll per week is nice and all, but once you've acquired your transmog set of choice, scraps are completely useless. Being able to do something else with them would be nice (even turning them in for gold, anything)

    The main building itself at level 3 misses a nice opportunity for players to have their favorite pieces of gear displayed on a dummy, and / or weapons & shields hanging on the walls. Your mounts randomly show up @ the stables, so I'm not sure why this level of customization wasn't adapted for the main building. (AC had this level of housing customization over a decade ago).

    Outside of these complaints, I generally dislike what's been done to professions (which ties in with how they work with buildings)... far too much in the way of cooldowns and soulbound itemization, and gathering professions have been made 100% pointless. It also gives players this sense of simply having loot and mats thrown at them every time they log in for the day (epics being mailed to you is no longer hyperbole).... you can be rest assured that when players adapt to this sort of thing, if / when it's taken away from them in the next expansion, there will be many unhappy players.
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    and there is still nothing to be positive about. /thread

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